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Save Time and Money for your Practice with CollaborateMD

Patients today increasingly expect healthcare experiences that are both seamless and personalized. Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done for many practices that are still doing things the way they’ve been done for years. After all, medical providers and staff at these slower-to-modernize practices spend a lot of time

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Pros and Cons: Should Your Practice Outsource Medical Billing?

As a result of the pandemic, the U.S. healthcare sector is facing a massive clinical and administrative staffing shortage. Despite gaining about 50,000 jobs since January, the industry still needs to fill more than 500,000 additional positions to get back to pre-pandemic levels. Chances are your facility is experiencing the

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Quick Read: Expediting Your Billing Process with CollaborateMD

According to a 2020 report, more than one-third of U.S. healthcare costs are eaten up by administrative tasks. For example, healthcare providers spend nearly $500 billion on billing– and insurance-related costs each year. When medical billing companies are bogged down with inefficient processes, the revenue cycle stretches out and billing

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4 Ways to Ensure Healthcare Data Security at Your Practice

In recent years, healthcare practices across the country have accelerated their digital transformation efforts to modernize their operations, bake more efficiency into their workflows and processes, and deliver stronger patient experiences. While this digital evolution is a good and necessary thing, it also exposes practices to some significant challenges. Chief

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5 Things You Need to Know About Claims Scrubbing

Healthcare professionals devote what feels like a lifetime to mastering their craft and helping people live more meaningful lives. But in all those years of learning, you probably didn’t take a masterclass in processing claims or getting patients to pay their bills. Unfortunately, when physicians and their practices lack the

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Avoid These Top 5 Medical Billing Mistakes

Even the most organized healthcare organizations can still fall victim to the most common medical billing mistakes in the industry. Providers who have in-house billing services know the administrative burden that comes with it. Whether your practice is experiencing a high level of denials, struggling to submit clean claims, or

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5 Tips for Rebuilding Patient Volume in 2021

Patient volume took a hit at the beginning of 2020 as the pandemic changed how healthcare organizations had to function. Traditional in-person care processes like full waiting rooms and elevators had to shift and move digital. As providers adopted quality technology, they learned that there might be a different way

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8 Ways to Improve Medical Practice Cash Flow

Improving medical practice cash flow is easier than you may think. Healthcare revenue is impacted by a myriad of factors from insurance verification to denial management. If your billing department is struggling to keep up, it might be time for a change. To increase revenue, you need to first analyze

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How Patient Appointment Reminders are Changing the Healthcare Industry

Patient appointment reminders are changing the healthcare industry. In the past, providers have had to work hard to make sure their patients make it to their upcoming appointments. Before digital tools, this meant spending hours on the phone calling every patient to make sure they remembered their appointment. Even after

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