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EHR vs. Practice Management Software: What Are the Differences? 

Most healthcare organizations use software to digitize their data and processes. The right tech stack can increase a practice’s operational efficiency and enhance the patient experience. However, understanding which tools most benefit your unique practice can be challenging.  Two of the most important systems currently in use are medical practice

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Medical Billing Software for Behavioral Health: The Ultimate Guide 

Navigating medical billing for behavioral health can be daunting. Many rules from insurance and patient privacy laws make it more complicated.  Manual billing processes make it even more complicated than necessary, but medical billing software simplifies these tasks and yields more accurate results. In this guide, you’ll learn about crucial

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A Guide to Choosing Psychologist Practice Management Software  

Running a psychologist practice calls on you to be both a healthcare provider and an entrepreneur. Balancing those two aspects of the business can be challenging and overwhelming.   You’ll often find yourself prioritizing the healthcare aspect. There’s nothing wrong with that. Your patients must always come first. However, neglecting administrative

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The Top 7 Features to Look for in Practice Management Software 

Practice management software is a valuable tool that helps your medical practice run more efficiently, but finding the best software for your practice isn’t always simple. There are dozens of capable options available, each with strengths and weaknesses.  Knowing the main features of each and how they compare to your

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Chiropractic Medical Billing Software 101: Everything You Need to Know 

Navigating piles of billing paperwork drains your time and energy. The right medical billing software streamlines this process, making it quicker and more accurate. The added efficiency gives you more time for patient care and reduces administrative headaches.   This article breaks down chiropractic medical billing software. We’ll first go over

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Understanding the Importance of HIPAA Compliance in Medical Billing Software 

In today’s digital age, medical billing software plays a vital role in streamlining the billing process and improving patient care. However, without proper measures in place, healthcare providers risk breaching patient confidentiality and devastating consequences.  Healthcare is a favorite target for hackers. The industry experienced 1,410 cyberattacks a week in

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Incorporating Patient Feedback to Improve Practice Productivity 

What do patients say about your healthcare brand, practice, or facility? While that’s an important question, finding the answer is not always easy.  The healthcare industry accounts for roughly 30% of the world’s data volume. Medical and clinical records make up the bulk of that information.   But some of it

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Tackling Medical Billing Challenges with Software 

Medical billing plays a critical role in the financial stability of healthcare providers. However, it’s often a challenging process that can be time-consuming, expensive, and prone to errors.   Fortunately, medical billing software offers a solution to the challenges healthcare providers face. In this blog post, we will explore the challenges

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Key Medical Billing Metrics 

Data that helps make decisions and increases prosperity in healthcare practices  In the complex healthcare industry, medical billing metrics serve as guiding beacons for practices and billing services. These quantifiable values offer valuable insights into a healthcare organization’s revenue performance.   From seamless submission of a number of claims to efficient

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