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5 Ways Healthcare Technology Helps Improve Patient Engagement 

Patient engagement is the cornerstone of modern healthcare.  Technology is playing an increasingly important role in the engagement equation by offering new and innovative ways for providers and patients to connect.  This article will put the relationship between technology and patient engagement under the microscope. It will define patient engagement

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What is the Goal of Revenue Cycle Management?

All healthcare practices are focused on the same thing: achieving the best possible outcomes for their patients. It also requires paying attention to the business side of the healthcare practice–after all, if your practice is routinely running into cash flow issues and struggling to get paid on time, it’s going to

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Doctor at her computer going over patients medical billing history.

Understanding the Different Types of Medical Billing Software 

Medical billing software can transform how a practice operates, but not all solutions are created equal. There are different types of medical billing software, each with its own pros and cons.  Choosing the ideal medical billing software for your unique practice is crucial. Your needs may define your choice, but

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Physical therapist who uses practice management software.

How To Choose Physical Therapy Practice Management Software 

Deciding on the best practice management software for physical therapists is about so much more than applying another tool. It’s about transformation. It’s about improving practice operations and patient service.  If inefficiencies negatively impact your practice’s potential, practice management software is a viable means to enhance your workflow. This article

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Healthcare office utilizing 837 files to improve billing efficiency and accuracy.

The Significance of the 837 File in Billing and Payment Processes

The digital era promises to boost service quality and improve patient experiences. It also promises to relieve staff from tedious data entry and manual tasks.  837 files in healthcare play a central role in streamlining the claims procedure, ensuring fast and accurate reimbursement.  In this article, we’ll explain what an

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Medical staff managing billing processes using specialized software.

What To Look for in Medical Billing Software for Small Practices 

Running a small medical practice is a rewarding opportunity to build close, trusting, long-term relationships with patients, staff, and the community. The high standard of personalized care you offer makes a genuine difference in the lives of those you serve.   However, as providers know, it comes with challenges. Resources might

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Doctor using practice management software.

EHR vs. Practice Management Software: What Are the Differences? 

Most healthcare organizations use software to digitize their data and processes. The right tech stack can increase a practice’s operational efficiency and enhance the patient experience. However, understanding which tools most benefit your unique practice can be challenging.  Two of the most important systems currently in use are medical practice

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