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The Essentials of Healthcare Cybersecurity

Healthcare cybersecurity is constantly evolving. It seems like regulations and requirements are continually changing and shifting. Vital to the healthcare dynamic, providers need quality solutions that offer top-of-line security in a constantly moving landscape. The right vendor is an expert on the nation’s top healthcare cybersecurity threats and what is

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How Chronic Care Management Can Improve your Bottom Line

Chronic care management has been instrumental in improving care for those with chronic illness. Medicare patients everywhere are gaining access to top of the line coordinated care that is helping them in a multitude of ways. Simplifying their care by connecting all of their providers and making sure their care

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Healthcare Technology and COVID-19: How the Pandemic Has Changed Healthcare

The relationship between COVID-19 and healthcare technology is constantly expanding. Providers everywhere are rushing to implement new tools. They are doing so with the intention of creating a safe public environment, maintaining high patient volume, growing their revenue, and keeping their patients engaged. With an increase in coverage for a

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4 Ways to Improve Efficiency with Automated Patient Eligibility Checks

Verifying patient eligibility is incredibly important to your bottom line. Providers depend on revenue generated patient care. When services are rendered to an ineligible patient, providers will have a much harder time getting paid. Manual verification processes are notoriously time-consuming and unreliable. Your front-line staff spends too much of their

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4 Easy Ways to Reduce Patient Wait Times

Is your practice having a hard time trying to reduce patient wait times? The combination of the right technology can help your organization reduce patient wait times and improve the patient experience. Long patient wait times have historically had a negative impact on the experience as well as your practice’s

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medical billing company

How Partnering with a Medical Billing Company Can Grow Your Practice

If your practice is weighing whether or not to partner with a medical billing company, now is the time. Providers everywhere are trying to achieve the perfect balance between offering high-quality patient care and optimizing their bottom line. Focus too much in one direction without the proper resources, and the

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Digital Technologies in Mental Healthcare

Mental healthcare is one of the most challenging issues in the United States. Only in recent years has an effort been made to destigmatize mental health-related conditions and push for access to quality mental health services. Patients dealing with mental health conditions have been met with barriers to services such

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Improving Patient Interactions with Revenue Cycle Technology

Patient interactions are impacted by the revenue cycle technology your practice uses. Every part of their contact with your practice influences their perception of your organization. This includes the check-in process, their waiting experience, their clinical experience, and their billing experience. The medical billing experience has historically had a negative

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Top 3 Medical Office Software Systems for Doctors

Providers everywhere are also on the search for the perfect combination of medical office software systems. In a world where nearly everything is digital, the right software is necessary to offer top of the line medical care. Without it, providers will find it difficult to keep up with efficiency demands,

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5 Best Practices for Collecting Patient Payments

Providers everywhere are relying more heavily on patient payments in 2020 than in years past. Many individuals have opted for the high-deductible plans for their health insurance. This is saving them money upfront if they do not plan on having high medical costs that year. The issue with High-Deductible Health

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