Medical Billing Service / Lab Pricing

CollaborateMD’s Medical Billing Pricing for billing companies across the U.S. allows you to affordably improve revenue cycle management for the practices you serve. Lab facilities can now increase efficiency and billing for each location.

Web-Based Solutions for
Billing Services and Labs Starting at $215/Month

Discounts available for additional medical providers with low claim volume* and large organizations.

Volume-Based Pricing
to Support Growth

Our per-transaction pricing model will keep costs down as you attract more clients. Electronic Claims, Provider Fees, Electronic Remittance Advice ( ERA), Claim Scrubbing and Patient Eligibility Verification pricing is volume-based. 

This pricing is also applicable for Diagnostic Facilities and Laboratories.

bar chart showing more volume pay less per transaction

Medical Billing Package

These key features are included
in your monthly base plan.

Claim Follow-Up and Tracking

Real-Time Claim Submission

Appointment Scheduler

Built-in Clearinghouse Edits

Free Preferred Partners EHR Interface

Central Business Intelligence Reports (Report Builder)

Report Snap & Share

In-App Credit Card Processing & Online Patient Payment Portal

Patient Payment Plans

Software Updates, Training & Support

Unlimited User License with Customizable User Permissions

Secure Internal Messaging

First Tax ID Set-Up

Get a Custom Quote

Biller Tested, Doctor Approved

CollaborateMD is everything you need to make workflows more efficient, so you can focus on maximizing reimbursements. We provide easy-to-use tools to help you make strategic improvements to your
revenue cycle and increase customer satisfaction.

Real-Time Claim

No more waiting until the next day to see claim acceptances or rejections. Save time by submitting claims in real-time. Claims are sent directly to the payer for faster claims processing.

Report Financials
& Dashboards

Quickly understand the financial performance & health of your account.​ View and modify 125+ reports with the ease of drag-and-drop fields, filters, grouping, and charting.

Patient Processing
& Payment

Streamline front office registration and collect more patient payments. Our In-App Credit Card Processing & Payment Portal will help your office staff work more efficiently and accurately.

Claim Control & Task

Easily generate patient and payer collection worklists and create follow-up tasks to help prioritize claims for timelier reimbursement.

Secure Internal

Our internal messaging system allows you to securely communicate with your entire staff in a HIPAA-compliant environment. This tool is great for communication between your front office, billing department and providers.


Customize the application and reports with your unique colors and logo to enhance brand loyalty and recognition. Your logo will appear in the banner, login screen, about the window, and splash screen, followed by a “Powered by CollaborateMD” logo.

Customize Your Medical Billing Package
with Time-Saving Services

Maximize productivity and reduce costs with a wide variety of time-saving features.


Improve address quality for more efficient delivery of statements and other mailed items. This service will allow users to identify bad addresses, highlight the address & correct the address in real-time with one click.

Text or Phone
Appointment Reminders

Reduce no-shows and cancelled
appointments. Customize your office message, and let patients choose how they wish to be contacted – phone or secure text message.

Enhanced User
Print Statements

Easily customize statements to show the information you need in a professional and branded way. It aligns with our Automated Statements, and FHMA Patient-Friendly Billing guidelines. 


*Paper Claims, sent by CollaborateMD, result in quicker payments from the payer & saves on costs for printing, sorting, addressing and mailing. Users can still print their own paper claims in Starter, Basic, and Growth Plans. 


Automatically generate and send daily or monthly statements. Save time and money associated with the labor & cost of mailing. Each statement can be successfully tracked inside CollaborateMD.

Document Imaging
& Storage

Organize files and attach documents to patients, claims, and payments with greater efficiency. Easily retrieve and view documents to streamline front-office workflows. 


Import patient demographics, payers, codes, referring providers, facilities, & sometimes scheduling information from your old software into your new CollaborateMD account for a seamless transition. 

CollaborateMD Monthly Pricing Details:
  • The monthly minimum for Medical Billing Service/Lab Pricing is $215. If your active provider transactions equal to less than the monthly minimum, a fee to reach the minimum will be assessed. 

  • Your account set-up includes one (1) tax ID. Any additional Tax ID Add-ons are $115 each.

  • The monthly provider fee will be charged for one (1) active rendering/attending provider, per customer in your account, and covers software usage, maintenance and standard support. Any additional active providers in the same customer will be charged per the following Low Volume Discounts*:

    • Full Provider Fee: >= 75 Total Claims ( Electronic + Paper + [User Print * .5] )

    • Half Provider Fee: 6 – 74 Total Claims ( Electronic + Paper + [User Print * .5] )

    • Minor Provider Fee: 1 – 5 Total Claims ( Electronic + Paper + [User Print * .5] )

      • If the additional active provider in the same customer/practice submits five or fewer claims per month to the clearinghouse, that provider will be assessed the minor monthly fee of $7 per provider.

      • *User Print Claims will be counted as ½ transactions.

  • If the Minor Provider Fee is determined to be greater than the Half Provider Fee, you will be assessed the equivalent of the Half Provider Fee instead.