Practice Management Software

Easily manage patients and streamline your front office with patient scheduling, billing and reporting tools. Simplify your workflow with a practice management software that saves you time, and gets your claims paid faster.
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Save staff and physician's time with our patient appointment scheduler. Easily create, edit, and find patient appointments.

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Patient Eligibility

Eliminate the time your staff spends on verifying insurance and benefit information. Find out within seconds if a patient is eligible.

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Quickly understand your financial performance with 125+ reporting options that help you track your finances and grow your practice.

Manage Patients Easily

Our practice management software includes a scheduling function to create and manage patient visits. Take control and configure the scheduler to fit your front-office and back-office workflow. In addition, you can also create claims, enter patient payments, view eligibility and more from the appointment scheduler. Appointment text reminders also help reduce no shows and allows patients to cancel or confirm their appointments. 

Check Insurance Eligibility

Our Real-Time Eligibility feature is the first line of defense to avoid rejected claims. Electronic Eligibility Verification is a simple solution to save your staff time. Speed-up the check-in process for patients, and ensure your claims get paid fast.

Generate Reports

Our practice management software allows for a wide range of reporting capabilities from patient activities to billing and financial performance. You can use standard reports or design your own. Reporting tools help you make strategic decisions to improve performance.

Electronic Claim Submission

Save time by submitting claims in real-time. Claims are sent directly to the payer for faster claims processing. 


Submit cleaner claims. Reduce claim rejections with built-in billing and coding edits. Receive accurate reimbursement and get paid faster. 

In-App Credit Card Processing

Collect more co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance deductibles. Swipe your patient’s credit card and their payment is directly posted in CollaborateMD.

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