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A stack of insurance documents highlighting the changes brought by the No Surprises Act.

Don’t Get Caught Off Guard by the No Surprises Act

Surprises can be great for birthdays, but they’re awful when it comes to healthcare. Unexpected bills, where a patient is charged more than what they were prepared to pay, are a leading cause of medical debt for consumers. And yet they are terribly common—every year, the USA sees an estimated

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A healthcare administrator analyzing financial reports to improve cash flow.

2023 Guide to the Medical Billing Process + Infographic  

The medical billing process is how a healthcare provider receives payment for the services they provide. Aside from actually rendering care, it is the most important part of keeping your practice alive and well. This guide will provide you with a detailed look at the many steps involved in the

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Doctor reviewing top trends and statistics in medical billing.

Top Trends & Statistics in Medical Billing  

This is a transformative time for healthcare, with virtual care and other technology quickly on the rise. Medical billing statistics and data point to several new trends in the healthcare space, including the rapid adoption of healthcare billing technology and a shift to virtual payment options. We’ve collected some surprising

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Collaborate MD Practice Fusion icons.

Why Our Bi-Directional Interface with Practice Fusion is a Big Deal 

Are you ready for better billing and stress-free data entry? Managing patient data is time-consuming, especially when working across multiple platforms. It can be tedious to manually transfer documentation from one system to another.   CollaborateMD and Practice Fusion offer a bi-directional interface for automatic data integration. This interface provides automated

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Physical therapist assisting young woman with exercise.

What You Need to Know About Physical Therapy Billing  

Physical therapists, like any healthcare provider, generally don’t get into the profession because they like working with numbers. But no practice is going to succeed without a good understanding of the complex medical billing system. Like other medical billing processes, physical therapy billing relies on matching services rendered with standardized

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Yellow shield with a lock in front of a blue background.

5 Healthcare Data Security Threats to Watch For

In recent years, healthcare practices across the country have accelerated their digital transformation efforts to modernize their operations, bake more efficiency into their workflows and processes, and deliver stronger patient experiences. While this digital evolution is a good and necessary thing, it also exposes practices to some significant challenges. As

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