Practice Fusion Integration: Bi-Directional Interface

CollaborateMD is one of the only Practice Fusion partners to have a two-way interface for seamless data integration. This level of integration provides the optimal blend of streamlined clinical documentation and robust revenue cycle management.
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New appointments that are entered in Practice Fusion (PF) are automatically created in CollaborateMD (CMD). The appointment message sent from PF to create an appointment will also create a new patient record in CMD if it doesn't yet exist.

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Patient Data

New patients that are entered in Practice Fusion are automatically created in CollaborateMD. Once a patient record is created in Practice Fusion it can be updated in CollaborateMD and the data will flow back to Practice Fusion.

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As a Superbill is entered into Practice Fusion and set to the ready for biller status, a claim will be automatically created in CollaborateMD. The claim can then be reviewed and sent to insurance.

Questions about our Practice Fusion Bi-Directional Integration?

Here are the answers to your top questions about CMD + PF.
New Appointments, Patients, and Superbills (Claims) are sent from Practice Fusion to CollaborateMD through the interface messages and will create (or update) a new record in CMD. Once a patient record exists in CMD, it can be updated in CMD and the data will flow back to PF.
This bi-directional interface streamlines clinical documentation and improves revenue cycle management. No more duplicating data entries, no more double-checking that changes or corrections in one system were carried over to the other. Instead, it really is two systems working together as one. This provides an incredible level of flexibility, allowing for innovative workflows and, ultimately, faster reimbursement. It’s also a highly scalable solution, one that can fit a practice that’s just getting started and that can grow to support multiple locations and practitioners.

Once you have become a CollaborateMD customer, you can activate the Practice Fusion interface from within your CMD account. Learn more about enabling your CMD interface with PF. Once you’ve followed each step to configure your account and have received confirmation from Practice Fusion that your integration request is complete, then you can proceed with placing your superbill status to “Ready for Biller”.

The enhanced interface with Practice Fusion is offered at no cost to our customers. We have a strategic partnership with PF to offer a seamless integration of products and services with ongoing support to fully meet our customers’ needs.
Appointment updates cannot be sent from CMD to PF, they will only flow from PF to CMD.
Patients will not flow from CMD to PF but updates to patients will. Patient updates will only be sent from CMD to PF if the patient has already been sent from PF to CMD.

Practice Fusion insurance companies will be matched to CollaborateMD insurance companies by comparing the Payer Address in both systems. The address and name will have to match exactly. If the Payer’s Address sent from PF matches multiple payers within the CMD, the system will use the insurance associated with the patient’s record and add that payer to the claim. Learn more about managing new Facilities, Providers, Patients, and Claims once the interface is integrated.

In addition to our two-way interface with Practice Fusion, we also integrate with MDTech to offer you a mobile charge capture tool. You can quickly capture encounter details and add procedure codes to ensure there are no lost or missed charges. By streamlining redundant data entry in more ways than one, you can optimize practice revenue and decrease charge lag.

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When you join CollaborateMD, you get faster workflows, shorter billing cycles, and a dramatic reduction in duplicate efforts. The bi-directional interface between CollaborateMD and Practice Fusion opens a world of possibilities for your practice. If you’re ready to learn more about how this exciting new integration can benefit your practice, request a call with CollaborateMD today!  

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