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Grow Your Practice By Partnering With a Medical Billing Company

If your practice is weighing whether or not to partner with a medical billing company, now is the time. Providers everywhere are trying to achieve the perfect balance between offering high-quality patient care and optimizing their bottom line. Focus too much in one direction without the proper resources, and the

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Digital Technologies in Mental Healthcare

Mental healthcare is one of the most challenging issues in the United States. Only in recent years has an effort been made to destigmatize mental health-related conditions and push for access to quality mental health services. Patients dealing with mental health conditions have been met with barriers to services such

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Improving Patient Interactions with Revenue Cycle Technology

Patient interactions are impacted by the revenue cycle technology your practice uses. Every part of their contact with your practice influences their perception of your organization. This includes the check-in process, their waiting experience, their clinical experience, and their billing experience. The medical billing experience has historically had a negative

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Top 3 Medical Office Software Systems for Doctors

Providers everywhere are also on the search for the perfect combination of medical office software systems. In a world where nearly everything is digital, the right software is necessary to offer top-of-the-line medical care. Without it, providers will find it difficult to keep up with efficiency demands, patient satisfaction, and

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5 Best Practices for Collecting Patient Payments

Providers everywhere are relying more heavily on patient payments in 2023 than in years past. Many individuals have opted for the high-deductible plans for their health insurance. This is saving them money upfront if they do not plan on having high medical costs that year. The issue with High-Deductible Health

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CMS adds 11 New Telehealth Services to Medicare Coverage

On October 14th, 2020 the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) added an additional 11 telehealth services to Medicare Coverage. These services will now be reimbursed for during the COVID-19 public health emergency. This effort to increase telehealth coverage was started by CMS early this year when they announced

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9 Benefits of a Medical Practice Management System

A medical practice management system might be the solution to your practice needs. Having a lasting impact on your workflow productivity and organizational processes, adding software automation can help your practice grow. Below are 9 benefits associated with implementing a medical practice management system. What a Medical Practice Management System

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Emerging Transformations in Digital Healthcare

Transformations in digital healthcare are taking place all over the industry and will continue to develop over the year. In the middle of a pandemic, providers everywhere have been forced to ask a valuable question. What technology and digital tools should they implement to help their practice run more effectively

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9 Trends for the Future of Medical Practices Everywhere

Medical practices everywhere are constantly facing new changes in the industry. The constant development of new technology and tools is incredible for the advancement of medicine. But as new developments and trends pop up across the field, it can be hard to keep up. Below are 9 trends for the

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How Value-Based Care Can Impact Mental Health

Value-based care has revolutionized the healthcare industry. This model rewards providers for achieving positive outcomes with their patients and clients. It promotes helping a patient reduce the impact of chronic disease or achieving overall positive results rather than the traditional fee-for-service model. Healthcare providers everywhere are turning to this model

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