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At CollaborateMD, we are obsessed with getting your medical claims paid quickly. Our cloud-based medical billing software simplifies billing processes, avoids complicated workflows, and provides transparent reporting tools to grow your billing company and simplify your revenue cycle management.

Top Medical Billing Features for Billing Companies


Our practice management and billing software integrates seamlessly with any EHR. If we don’t already work with your EHR of choice, we’ll build an integration so you can experience a unified workflow.

Claim Control &
Task Management

Easily set tasks based on the line-item status of claims to prioritize your work and make sure you’re quickly reimbursed for every dollar.

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Advanced Dashboard
Reporting & Analytics

Get a clear picture of your business operations with over 125 customizable reports. Build, run, and view multiple reports at one time, and easily share data with team members.

Questions About Medical Billing Software

Here are the answers to your top medical billing system questions.

Medical billing software is a digital solution for managing healthcare billing practices. It replaces manual workflows with more efficient, paperless ones. Medical billing software is seeing rapid adoption in the healthcare industry because medical billing companies use this software to improve reimbursement rates, optimize revenue, and have a 360 degree view of the health of their business. 

Instead of relying on spreadsheets and paper, accounting and billing software allows medical offices to have everything in one easy-to-use, digital place. This streamlines operations and shortens workflows to make your office operate more efficiently.

There are many trends in medical billing software that one should pay attention to when making a purchasing decision. In general, be sure to choose a solution that offers EHR/EMR integration, easy scheduling, detailed reporting, and (of course) HIPAA compliance.

Medical billing software doesn’t have to be a major expense for your business. Prices will vary depending on what you choose, but you can get great software starting at $194 per month. See our pricing page for more details!

With our Level 2 Claim Edits (CCI, NCD/LCD, LMRP, Modifiers, and more) you can inspect your claim errors before you submit them. Our code scrubbing engine will reduce your denial rate, improve data accuracy, and improve your revenue cycle.

Our exclusive claim tracking feature ensures a 360-degree view of the lifecycle of your claims. Because we are integrated with the clearinghouse, you can perform claim analysis and claim editing—all inside our software. With our built-in clearinghouse and electronic claim submission, you will receive information on whether a claim was accepted or not in real time.

Our First Pass Acceptance Rate (FPA) is 99%—the highest in the industry by 29%! This is mainly due to our built-in clearinghouse, which provides thousands of clearinghouse and payer edits to prevent errors and rejections. Coupled with our 100% Real-Time Claim Submission feature, you can ensure your claim is on its way to the payer so you can get paid quickly!

Client Testimonials

We chose CollaborateMD over other partners because of the robust features and in-depth functionality that a billing service requires. They met or exceeded the requirements we were looking for and, equally important, CollaborateMD's pricing and customer service sealed the deal for us.

-Katherine Stasiuk, CEO, PCMG

CollaborateMD is fantastic. Even I was able to understand and use it quickly with the help of my Great trainer. I have used other systems including Kareo and CollaborateMD is so much easier to use and has more features.

- Nelson Fazio - Medical Doctor

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