Patient Engagement

Improve patient engagement and care delivery with our technology solutions that help you manage the patient experience much easier. Decrease missed appointments, increase communications and improve health outcomes.
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Patient Portal

Offer patients more control of their
account and access to their visit history while collecting more upfront payments.

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Reduce no-shows and cancelled
appointments with automated phone
and text reminders.

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Virtual Queue

Manage patient flow and keep patients
safe with a virtual "waiting" room and appointment system.

Patient Portal

Patient engagement begins with accessibility and transparency. Our secure payment portal gives patients more control over their payments and keeps them informed. Payments post directly to the practice and in real-time. Patients are able to view their visit and payment history which means less calls and increased billing accuracy. 

Appointment Reminders

Send automatic Phone and Text Reminders to your patients and allow them to confirm or cancel their appointment using their phones. Appointment statuses within CollaborateMD will automatically be updated as patients confirm or cancel their appointment. These secure Phone or Text Reminders will help reduce no-show rates, cancellations and free up your staff’s time to help increase productivity.

Safe Patient

Improve the patient appointment experience while keeping patients and staff safe through a virtual waiting room. Patients are notified of their upcoming appointment and they can wait in their car until the practice is ready to see them to minimize risk of exposure to virus. Our integrated queue management software will help you manage flow and traffic, reduce cancellations and rebuild your clinic volume. 

In-App Credit Card

Collect more co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance deductibles. Swipe your patient’s credit card and their payment is directly posted in CollaborateMD.

Payment Plans

Increase payment collection by
offering affordable and customizable payment options.

Waiting List

If a patient cancels or reschedules you can replace that appointment with a patient from your waiting list.

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