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5 Characteristics to Look for in a Medical Billing Company

Are you considering hiring a medical billing company? With so many vendors of RCM services on the market, it can be difficult to distinguish which one will truly help you. The right medical billing company can help you find the right software and services that streamline your billing department. Providers

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5 Ways to Grow Your Mental Health Practice

Depending on the size of your organization, you may be wondering what the best way is to grow your mental health practice. The good news is that it is entirely possible for mental health practices, both large and small, to utilize simple growth strategies in 2021. Even organizations that lack

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Healthcare manager projecting profitability of performance based payment model. Health care concept for capitation for a patient population, value-based reimbursement, bundled payment.

What is Value-Based Care and What Does it Mean for Providers?

The healthcare industry continues to evolve, and providers are transitioning to value-based care. Some providers are wary of this transition as they do not know how it will impact their bottom line and productivity. What is value-based care and what does it mean for providers? Value-based care (VBC) is a

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Best Practices for Outsourcing Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management is one of the most important components of any medical practice. With a healthy revenue cycle, your practice can grow and better help the patients who come to you for care. Where providers run into trouble most often with their revenue cycle is claims management, the quality

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The Top Benefits of Telemedicine for Patients and Doctors

Telemedicine has existed in some way or another for several years now. Virtual visits have forever changed how we think about patient care delivery and the best way to help our patients succeed. With a quality solution in place, providers can open up opportunities for patients to be more involved

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The Essentials of Healthcare Cybersecurity

Healthcare cybersecurity is constantly evolving. It seems like regulations and requirements are continually changing and shifting. Vital to the healthcare dynamic, providers need quality solutions that offer top-of-line security in a constantly moving landscape. The right vendor is an expert on the nation’s top healthcare cybersecurity threats and what is

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How Chronic Care Management Can Improve your Bottom Line

Chronic care management has been instrumental in improving care for those with chronic illness. Medicare patients everywhere are gaining access to top of the line coordinated care that is helping them in a multitude of ways. Simplifying their care by connecting all of their providers and making sure their care

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4 Ways to Improve Patient Eligibility Verification Process

Verifying patient eligibility is incredibly important to your bottom line. Providers depend on revenue generated patient care. When services are rendered to an ineligible patient, providers will have a much harder time getting paid. Manual verification processes are notoriously time-consuming and unreliable. Your front-line staff spends too much of their

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4 Easy Ways to Reduce Patient Wait Times

Is your practice having a hard time trying to reduce patient wait times? The combination of the right technology can help your organization reduce patient wait times and improve the patient experience. Long patient wait times have historically had a negative impact on the experience as well as your practice’s

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Grow Your Practice By Partnering With a Medical Billing Company

If your practice is weighing whether or not to partner with a medical billing company, now is the time. Providers everywhere are trying to achieve the perfect balance between offering high-quality patient care and optimizing their bottom line. Focus too much in one direction without the proper resources, and the

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