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Doctor doing a telehealth visit with an elderly couple.

CMS adds 11 New Telehealth Services to Medicare Coverage

On October 14th, 2020 the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) added an additional 11 telehealth services to Medicare Coverage. These services will now be reimbursed for during the COVID-19 public health emergency. This effort to increase telehealth coverage was started by CMS early this year when they announced

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9 Benefits of a Medical Practice Management System

A medical practice management system might be the solution to your practice needs. Having a lasting impact on your workflow productivity and organizational processes, adding software automation can help your practice grow. Below are 9 benefits associated with implementing a medical practice management system. What a Medical Practice Management System

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Emerging Transformations in Digital Healthcare in 2021

Transformations in digital healthcare are taking place all over the industry and will continue to develop over the year. In the middle of a pandemic, providers everywhere have been forced to ask a valuable question. What technology and digital tools should they implement to help their practice run more effectively

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9 Trends for the Future of Medical Practices Everywhere

Medical practices everywhere are constantly facing new changes in the industry. The constant development of new technology and tools is incredible for the advancement of medicine. But as new developments and trends pop up across the field, it can be hard to keep up. Below are 9 trends for the

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How Value-Based Care Can Impact Mental Health

Value-based care has revolutionized the healthcare industry. This model rewards providers for achieving positive outcomes with their patients and clients. It promotes helping a patient reduce the impact of chronic disease or achieving overall positive results rather than the traditional fee-for-service model. Healthcare providers everywhere are turning to this model

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The Top Causes of Physician Burnout and How to Help

Physician burnout in the United States is damaging health systems everywhere. It has a negative impact on the quality of medical care, personal satisfaction in one’s career, and a provider’s ability to effectively help patients. Compared to a toy’s battery running out, the provider’s energy level and ability to work

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Top Healthcare Compliance Issues for 2020

Healthcare compliance is everything when it comes to protecting your practice and patients. Should your practice not comply with industry standards and regulations, you become susceptible to security risks, missed revenue, and danger. Below are some of the top healthcare compliance issues for 2020 and what you can do about

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4 Ways to Address Social Determinants of Health

Social Determinants of Health are the conditions in which someone is born into, grow in, live in, work in, and age in that shape their health across their lifetime. For some, they can act as an obstacle to obtaining quality medical care. Medical professionals across the country are working to

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medical billing team

8 Signs That it May be Time to Outsource Medical Billing

Is your practice trying to decide whether or not to outsource medical billing services? Your team may be weighing the factors and trying to determine the best route to take to optimize its revenue. With a healthy revenue cycle, your practice can grow, and your team can offer the best

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