Healthcare Solutions

Transform your business with our suite of healthcare solutions. Optimize workflow efficiency, improve health outcomes for patients, and strengthen practice revenue.

Seamless Solutions to Grow Your Practice

Practice Management

Streamline administrative functions through the use of automation.

Patient Engagement

Improve the patient experience and keep them engaged with their care.


CMDChoice is our all-in-one practice management, medical billing, and EHR.

EMR/EHR Integration

Seamlessly integrate our software with your preferred EMR/EHR solution.

Integrated healthcare solutions allow you to focus on delivering quality patient care, and improving your bottom line.


Reduce double-entry and improve interoperability with our lab interfaces.

Revenue Cycle Management

Reduce claim errors, increase efficiency and get paid faster.

Private Telehealth

Expand access to care and increase patient engagement virtually.

Chronic Care Management

Generate revenue and improve patient health outcomes for your practice.


Our internal messaging system allows you to securely communicate with your entire staff in a HIPAA-compliant environment. This tool is great for communication between your front office, billing department and providers. 

Text Reminders

Send automatic text reminders to patients and allow them to confirm or cancel their appointment using their mobile device. Appointment statuses within CollaborateMD will automatically be updated as patients confirm or cancel their appointment.

Document Imaging & Storage

Organize files and attach documents to patients, claims, and payments with greater efficiency. Easily retrieve and view documents to streamline front-office workflows. 

Report Snap
& Share

Take a snapshot and save a report directly in CollaborateMD. Share reports with your staff so you can avoid exporting reports or emailing unsecure data.

Batch EOB

Enter all of your payments from one check at once. This feature shows you the check amount with real-time applied and remaining balances.


Reduce the amount of denials with our code scrubbing engine.  Improve the accuracy of  billing and coding and submit cleaner claims so you can get paid faster. 


To speed up the printing process, print claims all at once. Print Professional and Institutional claims (CMS-1500 or UB92/04), Superbills, Patient Statements, and Final Demand Notices (FDNs) at your convenience.

Patient A/R

Accelerate cash flow, increase patient collections and manage past due patient accounts easily. Quickly set the charge to Balance Due Patient, Pending Patient, Collections or Write-Off to proactively manage patient accounts receivable.


Manage and track the activity of your staff easily. You have the ability to set access permissions, determine log-in hours, and reset passwords for better visibility and control.