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Why Our Bi-Directional Interface with Practice Fusion is a Big Deal 

We’re beyond thrilled that our new bi-directional interface with Practice Fusion is here! This new integration will save countless hours of duplicate date entry for those who use both CollaborateMD and Practice Fusion, as information can now flow freely between the two platforms.  

This is a true innovation for saving time, working more efficiently, and shortening billing cycles. We’re especially proud to be one of Practice Fusion’s only partners to have such an interface for seamless data integration! 

This article will give you an overview of how it all works, and the many benefits it offers to practices everywhere. 

Two Systems Operating as One 

With this new bi-directional interface, information entered into one system will automatically be represented in the other. New appointments, patient data, and superbills (claims) transfer seamlessly from Practice Fusion to CollaborateMD, whether creating a new record or updating an existing one. Similarly, updates to patient records made in CollaborateMD will show up in the Practice Fusion record automatically. 

Imagine what this means for your practice. No more duplicating data entries, no more double-checking that changes or corrections in one system were carried over to the other. Instead, it really is two systems working together as one. 

This provides an incredible level of flexibility, allowing for innovative workflows and, ultimately, faster reimbursement. It’s also a highly scalable solution, one that can fit a practice that’s just getting started and that can grow to support multiple locations and practitioners. 

No matter how you use CollaborateMD and Practice Fusion, you’re sure to benefit. 

Streamline Your Practice Workflow With Bi-Directional Interface

This new level of collaboration between CollaborateMD and Practice Fusion provides a number of specific benefits for your practice. Here’s how you can expect to streamline clinical documentation, improve your revenue cycle management, and more: 

  • Appointment Syncing – Schedules are always up to date and accessible through either software. 
  • Realtime Updates – Changes made in one system will be reflected instantly in the other, so there’s no more wasting time with double entries. 
  • Realtime Claim Creation – Instantly transform documentation into claims and get your revenue cycle started without any delays. 
  • Interface Tracking – Easily accessible details let you see exactly what information is flowing from one system to the other. 
  • Optimized Productivity – Implement more flexible workflows to boost the efficiency of your practice and get faster reimbursements. 
  • Affordability and Scalability – The versatility of the CollaborateMD/Practice Fusion interface means that it can work with practices of any size, and at an affordable price. 

A Winning Combination for Healthcare 

Faster workflows, shorter billing cycles, and a dramatic reduction in duplicate efforts—what’s not to love? The bi-directional interface between CollaborateMD and Practice Fusion opens a world of possibilities for your practice. If you’re ready to learn more about how this exciting new integration can benefit your practice, chat with an expert at CollaborateMD today! 



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