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4 Billing Analytics Tools that Providers Need

Understanding how your billing department functions enables providers to better run their practice while simultaneously staying on top of every detail that impacts their revenue. Billing analytics are a useful way to review payments and identify trends.

Having the ability to understand each individual detail of your billing cycle comes from the tools and resources you have available to you. Even providers with a great hold on their revenue cycle still need tools that help them anticipate the movement of their billing cycle, identify payer trends, and the ability to compare your practice to your competitors.

While many vendors of practice management software claim to offer tools that improve your billing cycle, it is vital that providers know what billing analytics tools to look for when doing their research. Here are four billing analytics tools that every provider needs from their practice management software

Essential Billing Analytics Tools

1) Key Performance Indicators

Key performance indicators are the measurable evidence that practice executives utilize to represent the financial standing and success of a practice. Providers need an efficient and user-friendly billing analytics tool that effectively tracks this data and helps to easily identify areas of improvement. Throughout a quality practice management software, a vendor should offer interactive dashboards that clearly show an end-to-end view of the revenue cycle. This billing analytics tool should collect practice financial data compiled over a length of time that allows providers to isolate areas of improvement and quickly resolve them. This improves your overall revenue cycle while providing clearly laid out opportunities for diagnostics 3

2) Payer-Specific Data

Another important billing analytics tool that your practice management software should have is access to payer-specific data. Data from different insurance agencies allows your practice to identify a few key pieces of information that enable you to file claims more effectively. This data includes information that helps providers track exclusion rates and reasons so that they have a chance at getting approved the second time. Payer-specific data also exposes top payer rejections, enabling you to anticipate which claims to code more carefully in order to receive timely payments. This billing analytics tool enables providers to anticipate the future of claims and adjust accordingly.

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3) Drill-Down Capability

With the ability to identify areas of improvement through visually-driven key performance indicators, providers should also be able to take it one step further. An important billing analytics tool that your practice management software should offer is the ability to drill-down this data to understand and navigate through more detailed information. The drill-down capability allows providers to explore problem areas layer by layer, better identifying the core cause of the issue and enabling them to plan moving forward. Drill-down capability is the billing analytics tool that lets providers explore practice financial data on a more granular level.

4) Performance Comparison

How does your revenue cycle compare to that of your competitors? This is important data to understand as it helps you realize where you stand in your community and identify the steps to take in order to rise above the rest. The ability to compare performance with other providers by specialty and region, partnered with drill-down capabilities, payer-specific data and key performance indicators enables a provider to track their growth in their field. A practice management software provider should offer visually-driven performance comparisons so that you can easily track your progress and growth as you tackle each area of improvement while rising past your competitors. This billing analytics tool is also useful when it comes time to leverage performance data.

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These four billing analytics tools are must-haves from a vendor of practice management software. By partnering with a vendor who offers these tools, you are ensuring your practice is able to identify growth areas easily, allowing you to make operational adjustments when necessary, and move towards a more successful financial future.

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