Patient using Paystatementonline to make a credit card payment.

Process Payments Fast and Accurately

CollaborateMD ensures hassle-free payment processing that reduces follow-up on co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance balances. Improve A/R by entering your patient’s credit card payments directly within CollaborateMD.

We have included our Integrated Payment Processing and Secure Payment Portal in every medical practice plan. These added features will help you secure patient payments, increase patient engagement and business efficiency.

To learn more about how to enable In-App Credit Card processing you can visit our Knowledge Center. We’ve also created “how-to” videos so you can understand not only how to set-up Integrated Payment Processing but how to use it efficiently for any workflow. Do you typically collect patient payments up-front before services have been rendered or do you collect and post payments at check-out? Whichever you choose, we will guide you through the best way to use In-App Credit Card Processing. Watch the short video below to help you get started processing payments in version 10 (v10)!

How to Use In-App Credit Card Processing

The payment portal is an optional feature that offers patients more control of their payments,  and gives them a secure portal to conveniently pay online, and view visit and payment history in real-time. You can save time and money by processing credit cards inside the application and portal. If you have any questions about how to take advantage of these features, don’t hesitate to call support or visit our Knowledge Center for Help Articles, FAQs, and other videos on Integrated Payment Processing.

We also have a Youtube Channel where we upload new videos with closed caption options so if you would like to Subscribe to CollaborateMD, you can set up new notifications every time we post a new video! 



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