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Brand Ambassador Referral Bonus Extended!

We're feeling in the holiday spirit here, and we want to continue to reward our loyal and happy customers! We decided to extend our referral bonus for the Brand Ambassador program until the end of the year.

Next-Level Claims Management and Healthcare Reimbursement

When it comes time to collect payment for services, healthcare providers have it different than many other service industries.

The Future of Medical Billing: 4 Trends That Will Keep Growing in 2020

The new year is approaching, and providers everywhere are asking the question. What medical billing trends are we facing in 2020 and should they make any changes at their practice to adjust?

6 Top Rated Features to Look for in Practice Management Software

The focus on any practice is to offer high-quality patient care, but it takes much more than that to run one successfully.

How CollaborateMD Co-Branding Can Grow Your Business

In today’s digital marketing age, a strong brand presence is vital to maintaining and running a successful business. Co-Branding is one way to reinforce your brand and stay top of mind with your audience. So, what is co-branding?

10 Tips to Improve Medical Billing Productivity

Nothing slows your practice down faster than complicated workflows and tasks. Your medical billing productivity will drastically increase if you consider the following 10 tips. 

6 Ways to Boost Your Medical Practice Revenue in 2020

The end of the year is a busy time of year for many medical providers, and it is important to stay one step ahead and start planning for the next year. Finding methods to boost your medical practice revenue can be difficult when you have so much.

Key Indicators of Quality Behavioral Health Software

Behavioral health specialists have a unique set of clinical distinctions that set them apart from other medical specialties.

Healthcare RCM: What is it & How can Providers Improve it?

Your Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (Healthcare RCM) involves every step of the billing process starting with the scheduling of the initial appointment and ending with the patient's balance being paid in full. It includes processes like.

Strategies to Use that Improve the Patient Experience

The patient experience encompasses every encounter a patient has with your practice that results in a positive or negative point-of-view.


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