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10 Tips to Improve Medical Billing Productivity

Nothing slows your practice down faster than complicated workflows and tasks. Your medical billing productivity will drastically increase if you consider the following 10 tips. 

6 Ways to Boost Your Medical Practice Revenue in 2020

The end of the year is a busy time of year for many medical providers, and it is important to stay one step ahead and start planning for the next year. Finding methods to boost your medical practice revenue can be difficult when you have so much.

Key Indicators of Quality Behavioral Health Software

Behavioral health specialists have a unique set of clinical distinctions that set them apart from other medical specialties.

Healthcare RCM: What is it & How can Providers Improve it?

Your Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (Healthcare RCM) involves every step of the billing process starting with the scheduling of the initial appointment and ending with the patient's balance being paid in full. It includes processes like.

Strategies to Use that Improve the Patient Experience

The patient experience encompasses every encounter a patient has with your practice that results in a positive or negative point-of-view.

11 Challenges and Solutions for Family Medicine Providers

Family medicine providers face a variety of different challenges, some specific to them and others the same as most medical providers. Below are the top 11 challenges family medicine providers are facing in 2020 and solutions to combat them.

How Practice Management Systems Can Transform Medical Practice Workflow

Your practice should run like a well-oiled machine. When one component lacks efficiency, everything else in the practice suffers. 

Pain Points Affecting Family Practice Billing

As a family medical practice, you have to work more intently to secure your bottom line and protect it while you treat your patients. 

The Top 10 Challenges Associated with Medical Billing

As healthcare providers in any profession, we all face challenges when it comes to medical billing. Whether it is revolves around claims, payments, patient cooperation, or the software we use to operate our revenue cycle, we all face something. 

How to Identify and Reduce Physician Burnout at Your Practice

Burnout is defined as “physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress.” While this can apply to anyone in any field,  in terms of medical providers, physicians experience some of the highest levels of “burnout” than any other field.


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