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How Practice Management Systems Can Transform Medical Practice Workflow

Your practice should run like a well-oiled machine. When one component lacks efficiency, everything else in the practice suffers. 

Pain Points Affecting Family Practice Billing

As a family medical practice, you have to work more intently to secure your bottom line and protect it while you treat your patients. 

The Top 10 Challenges Associated with Medical Billing

As healthcare providers in any profession, we all face challenges when it comes to medical billing. Whether it is revolves around claims, payments, patient cooperation, or the software we use to operate our revenue cycle, we all face something. 

How to Identify and Reduce Physician Burnout at Your Practice

Burnout is defined as “physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress.” While this can apply to anyone in any field,  in terms of medical providers, physicians experience some of the highest levels of “burnout” than any other field.

Why Patient Satisfaction Matters to Independent Medical Practices

The more your practice finds new ways to engage its patients, keep them informed, and keep them interested in their personal health, the more likely your practice is to reach its goals. When your patients are unhappy with their care, it has less.

The Biggest Revenue Cycle Challenges for Small Practices

Providers of all shapes and sizes are struggling to adjust their revenue cycle to accommodate changes in the billing world. For small practices, especially, having to rely less and less on large-sum payments and more on patient payments. 

5 Tips for Patient Statements that Improve Patient Collections

Now more than ever, providers need to make sure they are improving the way they send patient statements in order to maximize payments received. With the rise in high deductible insurance plans, patients have been even more hesitant to pay their.

How to Increase Your Clean Claim Rate and Why it Matters

As a healthcare provider, you are most likely familiar with revenue cycle management. Guaranteeing that your practice receives payment in a timely manner from both private and government insurance payers is crucial for your operating margins.

Medical Billing Software for Substance Abuse

The revenue cycle for a common medical practice is complicated but relatively straightforward in terms of what to do in order to get your claim approved and receive timely payment.

Office Closures: Hurricane Dorian is a Knockin'

All of us here at CollaborateMD extend our thoughts and prayers to all that may be affected by Hurricane Dorian. Of the nearly 10,000 providers using CollaborateMD, many of them are located here in Florida.


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