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The Top 5 Benefits of Utilizing a Practice Management System

A quality practice management system will empower your organization to quit exerting so much effort to accomplish quality work and, instead, find efficiency, accuracy and peace-of-mind in quality technology. 

How Telehealth is Helping Manage COVID-19 Mental Health Concerns

The United States Coronavirus outbreak prompted a wave of mental health challenges and telehealth has been the solution.  

The Key Steps and Benefits of Revenue Cycle Management

The revenue cycle is an invaluable part of successful healthcare organizations. Without an efficient billing department, your practice could lose out on thousands of dollars in payer reimbursements, patient payments, and other streams of revenue.

Tips for Addressing Physician Burnout in the Face of COVID-19

COVID-19 first popped up in the United States in March of 2020, and providers are facing an increase in physician burnout as a result. 

Mistakes to Avoid as You Reopen Your Independent Medical Practice

As practices, hospitals, and other medical organizations start to reopen to non-emergent/elective cases, providers must take the necessary steps to protect themselves and their patients.

5 Ways Telemedicine is Changing Behavioral Healthcare for the Better

Telehealth has had a large impact on the way providers across the country deliver care to their patients. 

5 Reasons Why Telehealth is Not Going Anywhere

The coronavirus prompted the rapid adoption of telemedicine technology so that providers could continue caring for their patients amidst stay-at-home orders and restrictions on in-person care. 

5 Reasons for Insurance Claim Denials and How RCM Services Can Help

Providers everywhere are battling revenue impacting denials and searching for ways to minimize them, whenever possible.

How COVID-19 Impacts Chronic Care Management

The coronavirus has affected care for patients across the country as in-person visits have been limited and non-urgent medical care has been put on hold for many. 


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