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Top Billing Software Features for Multi-Provider Practices

For practices with multiple providers, top-of-the-line billing software features are a necessity. Quality billing technology can help your practice achieve record-high clean claims and collect more on patient balances.

With the right practice management software, providers can truly optimize their billing processes and improve their revenue cycle, leading to quicker reimbursements and revenue growth.

Important Billing Software Features

1) Web-Based Billing

Web-based billing offers a more portable, and flexible solution. As more and more processes in the medical field are digitized, providers must consider switching their billing software to keep up. Web-based billing makes it possible for patients to access their medical bills online, through their patient portal. Here, they can better understand and prepare to pay their medical expenses. With increased access to billing data and information online, patients are able to prepare and budget for those expenses ahead of time.

For providers, web-based billing makes it possible to quickly and accurately file claims. Quality billing software  provides tools to help you manage and follow-up on claims, and submit clean claims on first pass. With multiple providers and payers, it’s important to have a software that can maximize a physician’s time and reimbursement.

Cloud-based technology, compared to server-based billing software, enables your practice to keep data secure and accessible from anywhere. This protects your data from software errors and keeps it safe from cybersecurity risks.

2) Robust Practice Management

Separate software systems are now a thing of the past. Integrated technology enables your practice to streamline processes like billing and scheduling so that you never skip a beat. All in one place, providers can access important billing software and practice management technology with a single log-in. Integrated billing software helps your front-line staff view payment data, collect patient payments, view copays/eligibility factors, and schedule appointments. This simplifies your practice’s ability to collect on more patient responsibility balances while a patient is in the office rather than after they have left.

3) Improved RCM

Quality billing software can drastically improve your revenue cycle.

Claims Scrubbing

Billing software with claims scrubbing and tracking technology equips your practice with the tools it needs to maximize clean claims. A clean claim is one that was approved and reimbursed after the first submission. Having tools that encourage more clean claims makes it possible for providers to avoid costly denials.

The right billing software will also track your claim and keep a watchful eye for denials, helping your team respond as quickly as possible and streamlining the payment process.

Digital Bill Pay

Digital bill pay enables your patients to make payments on their responsibility balances online, at home, and with a credit card. 24/7 access allows your patients the flexibility they need to make a payment when it makes sense for them, and not only during your hours of operation. Digital bill pay also enables patients to set up recurring payments so that they never miss an installment.

Streamlined Reimbursements

With increased clean claims and web-based billing software helping your practice perfect its billing processes, providers will see a substantial increase in timely reimbursements. With the right billing software on your tool belt, providers can accomplish their revenue goals and grow their practice.

To learn more about quality billing software that can help you practice, click here. 

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