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How COVID-19 Impacts Chronic Care Management

The coronavirus has affected care for patients across the country as in-person visits have been limited and non-urgent medical care has been put on hold for many. 

For patients battling chronic conditions, COVID-19 has completely changed lives. Patients who depend on regular care from their providers are not able to access the important services they need.

Many patients who have multiple chronic conditions are at high risk should they come into contact with coronavirus. Due to the compromised immune systems of patients who are battling high-risk diseases, coronavirus can be extremely dangerous for these individuals. Implementing a quality Chronic Care Management program can help.

The Coronavirus Response to Chronic Care Management Patients:

The fact that many patients who participate in chronic disease management need to do their best to avoid coming into contact with COVID-19 prompted many providers to cancel in-person visits. The more a patient can stay away from high-risk areas, like medical facilities, the more likely they are to avoid COVID-19 until a solution is found.

The issue with canceling in-person care for these patients is that many of them depend on these treatments to manage difficult symptoms and byproducts of their chronic illness. For this reason, it is vital that providers continue to engage  in routine care with their patients as much as possible through chronic care management.

Ways to Keep Contact with These Patients Through COVID-19:

For patients who need continued care despite the disruption to in-person visits, there are steps providers can take to keep them connected and cared for.

1)     Outsource Chronic Care Management:

Outsourcing your Chronic Care Management services to a team of experts is the best way to make sure your patients are consistently connected to someone in their corner throughout COVID-19. Through tools like care coordination, patients can find out how to engage with their providers in the safest way possible. Your vendor will work diligently to make sure all patient’s inquiries are directed and answered by the appropriate parties, and that your patient continues to get the help they deserve. By outsourcing chronic care management, providers can gain peace-of-mind that their patients are not only staying connected to their providers, but also engaging in helpful and supportive community resources.

2)     Telehealth

Implementing the right technology can ensure you still have the tools you need to connect and visit with patients utilizing your Chronic Care Management program. Many of the previous barriers that were in place for the use of telehealth have been lifted through the duration of COVID-19. Providers can now complete their monthly comprehensive visit with their eligible patients over telehealth to ensure they are still getting the much-needed attention they deserve. It is also expected that many of the patients who are trying telehealth for the first time, due to COVID-19, will continue to use it once the pandemic is over.

Get Telehealth For Your Patients

Telehealth is also more than just a video visit with a provider for Chronic Care Management. Quality vendors of telehealth also offer remote care opportunities for providers like at-home dialysis, diabetes sugar tracking, and more, empowering patients to continue getting important care from home rather than in a facility.

For many patients, the management of chronic disease runs their entire life. Partnering with a quality Chronic Care Management vendor can make sure you give your patients every resource and opportunity they need to earn the best outcome possible. 



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