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The Benefits of Medical Claims Scrubbing

Medical claims scrubbing is an important step in the revenue cycle management process. Claim rejections are often the result of human error, and can easily be avoided.

Manually checking claims before they’re submitted to the insurance payer can be a time-consuming process, and claims re-work due to rejections can be costly.

The AMA has identified these as the most common medical coding errors.

  1. Unbundling codesfeedback
  2. Upcoding
  3. National Correct Coding initiative
  4. Inappropriate modifier use
  5. Inaccurate time-based infusion code
  6. Unlisted codes without documentation
  7. Overusing modifier 22

Don’t make those same mistakes that cost you money every time. If you’re struggling with accurate billing and timely claims reimbursement, there’s an edit for that. 

CollaborateMD has integrated with Alpha II’s claims editing solution, ClaimStaker, in order to make editing claims seamless and easy. Our claim scrubbing feature provides clear, easy to read errors and suggested edits, and reduces manual work. It ensures accurate billing, improves workflow, and drives appropriate reimbursement and compliance.

According to the AMA, the expense of inefficient healthcare claims processing, payment, and reconciliation comprises 10-14% of practice revenue. The benefit of having a scrubber flagging problems for claims, is that changes can be made instantly, prior to submission, so claims can get paid faster, rather than waiting weeks for a denial and having to re-submit them for payments.

In our plans 3 and 4, we include level 2 claim scrubbing so you can have peace of mind knowing your claims will pass without the risk of denials. As a result, customers on these plans benefit from higher and quicker reimbursement, administrative cost savings, reduced claims re-work and more efficient operations. It’s a closed loop approach that results in a healthier bottom line. Your office can focus less on trying to keep up with ever-changing insurance claim rules and regulations, and more on patient care. If you’re currently missing out on the benefits of claim scrubbing, and want to optimize your revenue cycle, then give us a call directly at 407-877-6517.





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