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Grow Your Practice with Chronic Care Management

Whether you are a specialty provider or a Primary Care Physician, chances are, you have diagnosed and treated a patient who is battling multiple chronic conditions.

Say Hello to v10, and Goodbye to v9.6!

We've achieved an important milestone at CollaborateMD (CMD), releasing our first web-based application, version 10 (v10). 

How to Build Meaningful Reports in CMD

CollaborateMD has over 125+ standard reports to choose from, or you can use our powerful report builder to create a customized report. You can run reports in real-time, and filter your reports to locate the data you want to track. 

Mental Health Billing Codes: 3 Tips to Increase Approvals

Mental health providers, more than any other, have to pay special attention to the way they bill their services. As time progresses, insurance providers are becoming increasingly particular with the claims they approve and deny.

5 Tips to Improve Revenue Cycle Management at Your Practice

Understanding, developing, and protecting your revenue cycle is a critical component to running a successful practice.

3 Benefits of Partnering with a Vendor of Physical Therapy Billing Services

Regardless of your specialty, well thought out and executed billing practices are necessary to the overall success of your practice.

6 Ways to Improve the Patient Experience

Whether it be in the office or at home, the patient experience encompasses a vast number of interactions and opinions that shape how we feel about our healthcare provider.

Process Payments Fast and Accurately

CollaborateMD ensures hassle-free payment processing that reduces follow-up on co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance balances. Improve A/R by entering your patient's credit card payments directly within CollaborateMD.

Practice Management Software: 4 Billing Analytics Tools that Providers Need

Understanding how your billing department functions from beginning to end enables providers to better run their practice while simultaneously staying on top of every detail that impacts their revenue.

Blockchain in Healthcare: 3 Positive Impacts

Created in 2008 by pseudonym (person or group) Satoshi Nakamoto, blockchain is a revolutionary ledger of data entry that is slowly making its way into many fields.


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