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How RCM Services Help Providers Work Less to Get Paid Fast!

The amount of effort that goes into managing medical billing in-house exhausts the resources of many healthcare providers. Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services help providers maximize their time while earning money.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) encompasses the complex medical billing process, beginning with the first patient interaction and ending with payment. Involving constantly changing billing codes, insurance verification, claims processing, and difficult collections, providers find their hands fill when it comes to medical billing and coding. The solution that many providers are starting to focus on is the utilization of RCM services. Partnering with a company that focuses on the management of your medical billing process has shown to improve the bottom line for many providers. This leads to a decrease in staffing costs, an improvement in clean claims, and an increase in the speed at which a provider receives a payment. Finding the right vendor for RCM services coupled with an efficient PMS (Practice Management System) offers a secure and accurate answer to improving billing and revenue for your practice.

Benefits of RCM Services for Providers

1) Increased Clean Claims

Clean claims are approved on their first submission. A decrease in a provider’s clean claims rate is usually a result of incorrect documentation or coding errors that delay payments. This decrease happens more often to providers who are managing their billing in-house. Due to factors like high staff turnaround, in-house RCM services are unable to maintain an ideal clean claims rate. This costs the practice revenue and valuable time. By partnering with a RCM services vendor, providers are handing their claims processing over to billing experts. Their focus is increasing the number of approved claims. By finding the right vendor, providers can see their first pass acceptance rate rise as high as 99%. This means that providers receive payments much faster without the need for manual re-work. Billing Services that utilize a trusted medical billing software have a higher first pass acceptance rate due to RCM features.

2) Eliminating Staffing Costs

One of the resources that providers have to throw their money into is hiring staff. In-house medical billing staff often has a high turnaround rate. This is a poor situation for a provider to face for multiple reasons. They have to spend time finding someone to fill these positions and training individuals. This high turnaround leaves providers with denied claims and no resources to improve them. By outsourcing RCM services, providers eliminate the need to hire in-house billing staff. A set of expert billing professionals are dedicated to managing their billing. RCM services allow a provider the peace of mind to focus on the other important aspects of their practices. Quality RCM services provide dedicated account managers, who differentiate between billing cycles to optimize timely payments while maintaining clean claims.

3) Improved Efficiency

The billing software RCM services use can have a significant impact on their efficiency as well. A software vendor can help automate billing processes even further and allow them to easily manage their customers and follow-up on claims. Utilizing an RCM service for your billing and coding needs allows medical providers to refocus on patient care. RCM services can make great improvements to a provider’s billing practices and productivity. As long as they choose the right vendor for their specialty and one that uses a qualified medical billing software, they will get their claims paid fast and improve their revenue cycle reimbursement.



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