Patient using revenue cycle management software from their laptop.

New How-to” Videos Released for Version 10″

We’ve created “How-to” videos that review each section and major feature in version 10 (v10) to help you navigate CollaborateMD.

These instructional videos take you step-by-step through the application and can be found on our Knowledge Center or you can Subscribe to our Youtube channel to get notifications when new videos are posted. So far, we’ve released 5 videos on the Claim Section and 4 more for the Payment Section but stay tuned because we have many more planned before we decommission v9.6!

Our main goal is to ensure your success, and these short videos provide the opportunity for self-guided training so you can master v10. You can choose the videos on the sections or tools you need the most help with. Do you already know how to create claims but want to learn more about how to track them? Just choose the v10 Claim Tracker video and you can bypass simple steps like how to create claims. See the short Claim Tracker video below.

navi600px-time-claimtrackerLog in to v10 and get started! You have 24/7 access to our Knowledge Center and on-demand resources like videos, FAQs, and Help Articles to guide you through v10.

Thank you for being a part of this change towards a more secure, reliable and fast CMD application. We appreciate your support as we successfully adopt v10.



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