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How to Build Meaningful Reports in CMD

On Aug 28, 2019

CollaborateMD has over 125+ standard reports to choose from, or you can use our powerful report builder to create a customized report. You can run reports in real-time, and filter your reports to locate the data you want to track. 

Our Central Business Intelligence (CBI) Reports are included in every plan.  The CBI contains a Report Viewer and Report Builder. The Report Builder allows you to modify report templates with filters, grouping, and charting.  You can specify your selection criteria, run and view multiple reports at once.  You have complete control of your data so you can visualize and analyze your daily and ongoing business activities the way that you want. Watch the short video below to learn how to pull valuable data. 

How to Build Reports
Report Builder Overview

We know how important it is for you to be able to display your data visually so you can easily  identify areas of improvement and make quicker business decisions. So far, we've released 4 instructional videos on the report section to help you get started.  We encourage you to check them out on our Knowledge Center.  

We also have a Youtube Channel where we upload new videos with closed caption options so if you would like to Subscribe to CollaborateMD, you can set up new notifications every time we post a new video! 

Jennifer Jourdan

By Jennifer Jourdan

Jennifer is a Marketing Specialist at CollaborateMD dedicated to helping our customers and partners grow their business and stay informed on healthcare industry news. Jennifer enjoys researching the main topics impacting patient care, medical billing and coding professionals, and Health IT. She writes tips and creates collateral pieces to help clients improve their claim reimbursement cycles, and net profits.

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