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Helping You Be Successful

EASY to set up. EASY to use. EASY to afford. Our solutions are designed to help your medical practice work less, and get paid fast. 

Great Features of Our Medical Practice Management Software

Billing Software Features

Our "Biller Tested, Doctor Approved" suite of medical practice management software solutions are designed to optimize your clinical and financial workflow and reduce costs in a challenging economic environment. To keep up with your office's daily activity, CollaborateMD provides you with simple and affordable solutions that have the capability to verify data integrity and reduce claim rejections to enhance your revenue cycle—resulting in increased revenue and patient satisfaction.

Appointment Scheduling


CollaborateMD has designed one of the most robust resource-based appointment schedulers on the market. Unlike competing software modules, our state-of-the-art module allows designated users to access several functions from within the scheduling program, thus optimizing front-office and back-office workflow. The appointment scheduler can be easily customized to fit your needs in addition to configuring scheduling rules that will help maximize the physician's time.

In-App Credit Card Processing

FeaturesPg1_ippV10iSmart businesses know that integrated payment processing saves time and money. CollaborateMD ensures hassle-free credit card processing that will easily reduce follow up on co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance balances, which will translate into improved A/R. By entering your patient’s credit card payments within CollaborateMD, you will increase business efficiency and accuracy.

Central Business Intelligence (CBI)


The Central Business Intelligence (CBI) area will be the foundation for allowing users to retrieve the data they need, how they need it, and when they need it. The CBI contains a Report Viewer and Report Builder. The Report Builder allows users to copy most of the current 125+ report templates and modify them with the ease of drag-and-drop fields, filters, grouping, and charting. Providing the user with the capability to modify report templates on their own will allow them to visualize, analyze, and report on their data in minutes.

CollaborateMD provides over 125+standard and customizable reports giving you a 360 degree view of your daily and ongoing business and patient activities. Specify your selection criteria to return only the statistics you want, then run and view multiple reports at once, or export them for use in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint or HTML. With the valuable details our reports bring, your staff can focus on reducing receivables while increasing cash flow.

Exclusive Claim Tracking 


ClaimTracking ensures 100% accountability and a 360-degree view of the lifecycle of your claims. CollaborateMD helps you to easily manage and track your claims. Filters and real-time editing allow users to quickly locate and work claims data to accelerate cash flow. Because we are your clearinghouse, you can perform claim analysis and claim editing all inside our software.

Task Reminder


Task Reminders allows your business to run more efficiently by keeping track of current and future tasks. The Task Reminders feature allows admins, and delegated users, to create and assign tasks with due dates. The Task Reminders dashboard allows users to easily see upcoming and overdue tasks.


Batch EOB Posting

Enter all of your payments from one check at one time. This feature shows you the check amount with real-time applied and remaining balances.

Free EHR/EMR Interfaces

CollaborateMD has built standard and customized HL7 interfaces for several EHR / EMR applications supporting numerous specialties throughout the country.

Automated Patient Statements

Eliminate the time your staff spends printing, stuffing, and mailing patient statements. Send your statements out in a timely manner while improving your bottom line and simplifying your mailing process.

Batch Printing

To speed up the printing process, our batch printing feature allows you to batch and print claims (CMS-1500 or UB92/04 claims), superbills, patient statements, and Final Demand Notices (FDNs) at your convenience.

Patient Payment Portal

Patients can make payments with a few clicks of a button and view their visit and payment history. We use the highest form of security and protection to secure the patient's information. The portal reduces patient calls and accelerates patient payments.

Appointment Scheduling

Our state-of-the-art scheduling feature has incredible flexibility and functionality fitting the needs of a wide range of offices. Users can customize it to fit their exact needs, in addition to configuring scheduling rules that will help maximize the physician's time.

Patient A/R Control

Patient A/R allows users to control key time savers including Balance Due Patient, Pending Patient, Collections and Write-Off.  This aspect assists users in producing effective management of A/R to achieve cash flow goals.

Document Imaging & Storage

Streamline your office with greater efficiency and reclaim full control over organizing files, customizing folders, and attaching documents directly to Patients, Claims, and Payments. Easily retrieve and view documents regardless of the location they were scanned in streamlining your office for great efficiency.

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)

Are you spending countless hours manually posting your payments? Review ERAs directly in the system and automatically post payments and adjustments. Eliminate manually posted errors and the quantity of paper consumed.

Automatic Claim Submission

CollaborateMD medical billing software automatically distributes CMS-1500 or UB/04 claims electronically to the correct payer on a daily basis.

Payment Posting

For your convenience, CollaborateMD offers three simple methods for posting insurance payments: batch EOB posting and ERA Auto-Apply. Based on the insurance company and your preference, CollaborateMD makes this process simple and efficient.

Claim Follow Up Module

Claim Follow Up lets you focus on priority follow-ups, based on the line item status of claims, so you can pursue every dollar. In addition, you can generate actionable tasks from the Claim Follow Up module to boost insurance receivables, follow-up productivity, and financial performance.

User Management

Within our administration section, you have the ability to set user permissions, determine log-in hours, and reset passwords to better manage and track the activity of your users.

Claim Scrubbing

A code scrubbing engine that will reduce your amount of denials by providing a comprehensive suite of medical billing and coding edits to help improve the accuracy of medical claims processing, and the overall revenue cycle.

Real-Time and Batch Patient Eligibility

Eliminate the time your staff spends on verifying patient eligibility with our Real-Time and Batch Patient Eligibility feature. With this feature, you will distinguish if a patient is eligible in seconds, avoiding possible loss of payment. Eligibility is truly the first step to a clean claim.

Internal Messaging

Our internal messaging system allows you to securely communicate with your entire staff in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment. This tool is also great for inter-office communication between your front office, billing department and providers without worry of jeopardizing the privacy and security of a patient's records.

Automated Text Reminders

Send automatic Text Reminders to patients and allow them to confirm or cancel their appointment using their mobile device. Appointment statuses within CollaborateMD will automatically be updated as patients confirm or cancel their appointment. 

Report Snap & Share

Report Snap & Share allows you to take a snapshot and save a report directly in CollaborateMD, as well as share reports with users across your account. Now, you can help avoid exporting reports, emailing unsecure data, and eliminates screen share sessions.