EverHealth MGMA Annual Leaders Conference

EverHealth Attends MGMA Leaders Conference 

EverHealth recently attended the MGMA Leaders Conference in Nashville!  

This key event united leading healthcare professionals while highlighting the future of healthcare, focusing on artificial intelligence (AI). AI is becoming vital in healthcare. And it was a hot topic at the conference. 

The conference gave our team a great opportunity to engage with industry leaders and peers, as well as explore how AI and new technologies can boost healthcare services. This was a valuable experience that aligns with our goal to provide top-quality healthcare using advanced technology. 

We’re eager to use these insights to enhance our services. The potential for positive change in healthcare is truly inspiring. 

What We Learned at the MGMA Leaders Conference 

EverHealth’s participation in the MGMA Leaders Conference was enlightening. We gained valuable insights into AI, staffing, leadership, and more. 

Here’s a quick overview of what we learned. 

The Rising Role of AI in Healthcare 

A major focus of the conference was artificial intelligence (AI). 

About 8 in 10 medical group leaders believe AI is becoming essential in healthcare. The conference highlighted AI’s potential to revolutionize healthcare admin. Every strategy and challenge discussed tied back to how AI could bring transformative changes. 

Insightful Discussions on AI’s Impact 

Dr. Scott Cullen’s keynote was a highlight. He shared insights on AI’s role in healthcare beyond clinical decision-making. 

Cullen suggested that generative AI could improve operational processes, enhancing healthcare access. 

Key Challenges and Solutions in Staffing and Leadership 

Staffing and leadership were also big topics. Here are some of our favorite discussions among the different sessions: 

  • Nate Moore’s session on “Better Decisions: Applications for Medical Practice Managers” encouraged leaders to use business intelligence for strategic decision-making. His interactive approach highlighted the importance of visualizing data in new ways. 
  • RWJBarnabas Health Medical Group shared their approach to employee training. They focused on hands-on training through regional academies. This approach standardizes training across departments and locations, aiding career advancement. 
  • Jackson Physician Search discussed building better recruitment and retention strategies for early-career physicians. Their findings help us understand what motivates these physicians in their job choices and retention. 
  • Dr. Alan Heathcock from Northern Colorado Hospitals shared his expertise in physician retention. He presented strategies that have helped him maintain a low physician turnover rate. His session covered the top factors influencing physician retention. 

Networking with Industry Peers 

Networking was a big part of the MGMA Conference. Our team met many healthcare experts. We shared ideas about the future of healthcare IT and got new practical insights from these conversations. 

Our team also connected with people with different views. This helped us understand more about healthcare’s challenges and shed light on new opportunities where our services and solutions might be able to help.  

Sponsored Solution Spotlight: CollaborateMD 

One of our favorite parts of our MGMA Conference experience was being able to spotlight CollaborateMD (CMD). CMD has been part of the EverHealth family since 2019. It offers innovative solutions for healthcare practices and billing companies. 

With over 13,000 active users and 23 million patient records, CMD has processed $68 billion in claim revenue. It serves a diverse range of medical specialties. This includes: 

  • Substance abuse 
  • Family practice 
  • Internal medicine 
  • Pediatrics 
  • Mental health 
  • And more 

During our spotlight session, we were able to share how CMD’s strengths lie in its digital workflows for patient scheduling, billing, and reporting. This streamlines both front and back-office operations. 

It boasts a remarkable 99% first-pass approval rate and up to 60% reduction in Accounts Receivable (A/R). 

These tools are designed to improve revenue cycle management, ensuring timely reimbursement and increasing payment collections. 

At the conference, we met lots of people interested in patient care and billing. So, we discussed key features that make CMD an invaluable asset for revenue cycle management with our session attendees, such as: 

  • Electronic claim submission 
  • Claim control 
  • Task management 
  • Advanced reporting 
  • Billing analytics 

See You Next Year 

As we wrap up this year’s National MGMA Conference Series, we’re already looking forward to next year! The event will be in Denver from October 6th to 9th. We can’t wait to see what new insights and opportunities it will bring! 

This year’s conference was a great experience for EverHealth and our community. We learned a lot and made valuable connections. We’re excited to bring these insights back to our work. 

For more details about next year’s event, visit MGMA’s website. We hope to see you there in Denver! 



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