CollaborateMD Donates Over $100K to Local Charities to Assist Community
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CollaborateMD, has donated over $100K to local charities to assist and help build up their local community.  The donations are possible because the company has maintained double digit revenue growth since inception in 1999.   Helping others has always been a core value for the company and the Founder and CEO, Douglas Kegler.

A common theme between most of the charities chosen is around helping people or families get back on their feet.  "We believe strongly in assisting people through difficult times and allowing them to build a foundation," said Douglas Kegler, CEO and Founder of CollaborateMD.  "There are a lot of good people in our community that came upon rough times.  We are blessed to be able to help them where we can."

Donations were made to:

"One of the most important values for CollaborateMD is to give back and help others," said Douglas Kegler, CEO and Founder of CollaborateMD.  "None of this would be possible without our loyal customers and awesome employees."