Healthcare professional using digital tools to streamline patient care

Get More Done with Time-Saving Healthcare Technology

Today hard-working providers, nurses, and staff are moving a million miles a minute to juggle a seemingly endless number of tasks to ensure optimal patient experiences. CollaborateMD can help get more done with time-saving healthcare technology.

With the constant shifting and extreme demands for elevated patient engagement, it comes as no surprise that a vast majority of providers and staff are experiencing burnout on the job. 

In fact, one recent study found that nearly four out of every five doctors have experienced some symptoms of burnout in recent years. In fact 70 percent of doctors say they spend at least 10 hours a week on paperwork and administrative tasks, with about half of that group putting in at least 20 hours.

Thanks to emerging technology in healthcare — forward-thinking practices can make smart investments in time saving healthcare technology. By doing so, they can reclaim time and improve the provider and staff experience, which, in turn, strengthens the patient experience and drives competitive advantage. 

With all this in mind, let’s take a look at three easy ways medical practices can use time-saving healthcare technology to accomplish more and help patients achieve better health outcomes. 

Streamline Workflows with Practice Management Software

Many practices still rely on manual processes for mission-critical business functions such as scheduling, billing, and reporting. 

Unfortunately, this approach causes front desk and back office workers to spend a considerable amount of time on what otherwise could be done rapidly with the right digital tools in place. Plus, when these tasks are performed by hand, there’s a higher likelihood of human error.

By investing in a top-notch practice management software solution, you can easily facilitate these tasks with several transformative features, including a purpose-built appointment scheduler. This tool enables staff to rapidly determine whether patients are covered by insurance. And, the advanced reporting tools can allow you to slice and dice your practice’s data to uncover and optimize performance trends. CollaborateMD offers a suite of reports that will best tell your practices financial story and it’s included with the software package.

The right solution will also enable you to quickly process claims and determine whether patients and insurance companies have paid, enabling your team to reclaim even more time.

Improve Patient Engagement 

Patients today increasingly expect their healthcare experiences to be similar to the experiences they have with other brands such as Amazon and Facebook. By investing in solutions designed specifically to improve patient engagement and care delivery, you can deliver more value to every patient in your practice and improve overall healthcare outcomes.

For example, the right patient engagement solution enables your practice to leverage online patient portals that give patients more control over their visit histories and payments, appointment reminders that automatically call and text patients ahead of time to reduce no-shows, and in-app credit card processing that makes paying medical bills easier than ever.

What’s more, you’ll also have access to waiting list functionality that will automatically contact the next in line in the event someone cancels their appointment at the last minute or forgets to show up.

Increase Productivity with EHR/EMR Integration

There’s no sense in making everyone in your staff hop around from platform to platform just to do their jobs if they don’t have to. Not only is this frustrating, but it also wastes precious time..

As you begin looking for time-saving health technology solutions, make sure to invest in platforms that offer integration with today’s leading electronic health record (EHR) and electronic medical record (EMR) solutions. 

One such platform is CollaborateMD, which connects to over 20 of today’s leading EHR/EMR solutions, including Care360, EyeMD, MedQ, and Nexus Clinical.

It’s Time to Invest in Time-Saving Healthcare Technology!

By making a few smart investments in digital solutions designed to optimize practices just like yours, you can transform the provider and patient experience at the same time — leading to happier workers, more satisfied patients, and better healthcare outcomes.

To learn more about how CollaborateMD can help your practice reclaim significant chunks of time and build a more resilient business because of it, request a demo today.



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