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The Top Features and Benefits of Telemedicine Technology

Telemedicine is a form of care delivery that has made a name for itself over the course of the 2020 global pandemic. Providers everywhere are implementing telehealth so that they can continue reaching their patients despite in-person restrictions and limits to care.

There has been an extension in coverage or telehealth services under CMS that may become permanent in the near future. The problem many providers are facing is that the rapid pace at which they are moving is causing some to adopt poor telemedicine solutions. Identifying and implementing quality technology will not only save your practice many headaches down the line, but it will also help your practice grow.

Features of Quality Telemedicine Technology

EHR Integration

EHR integration is non-negotiable in today’s best telemedicine software. A fully integrated solution enables you and your team to both meet with patients in a digital format while simultaneously accessing key patient data. With everything on one screen, providers can continue making top-of-the-line clinical decisions rather than sacrificing patient care during this time.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring has proven itself as a life-improving alternative to in-person treatment for some patients. For patients battling chronic conditions, traveling to and from their provider’s office multiple times a month, or even a week, is exhausting and decreases their overall quality of life. With quality telemedicine technology, patients can receive some form of treatment from home. For example, patients with diabetes can track their vitals and sugar levels at home and send them digitally to their providers in real-time.

Benefits of Telemedicine

Telehealth Software showing online appointment feature.
Telehealth Software

Increased Patient Volumes

With providers battling low patient volumes due to the coronavirus, telemedicine offers a solution. Patients can continue visiting with their providers via video visit or communicating by phone to receive a nearly identical appointment, safely in their homes. Providers using telemedicine have been able to bounce back from low patient volumes caused by the pandemic.

Follow-Up Care

Telehealth makes adhering to follow-up appointments much easier. By eliminating much of the inconvenience associated with in-person visits, providers will find that their patients are more likely to make it to their next appointment. Reducing no shows and increasing the number of billed services, telemedicine technology helps providers bring in more revenue and continue providing routine care.

Patient Engagement

Lastly, telemedicine has made the world’s difference for providers looking to increase patient engagement. Historically, increased levels of patient engagement result in higher revenue, improved patient outcomes, and improved communication between patients and providers. The more involved a patient is in their care, the more likely they are to address red flags as they appear and the more likely they are to achieve their health goals. Telemedicine is helping to increase patient engagement and the patient experience by giving them an easy and convenient way to stay involved.

Telehealth has changed healthcare forever by taking the visit out of the office and putting it into a digital exam room. It helps to reduce patient fear amid the pandemic, and enables providers to screen COVID-positive patients and continue providing care for people who need it. To learn more about a quality telehealth option, click here.



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