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Save Time and Money for your Practice with CollaborateMD

Patients today increasingly expect healthcare experiences that are both seamless and personalized. Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done for many practices that are still doing things the way they’ve been done for years. After all, medical providers and staff at these slower-to-modernize practices spend a lot of time on manual processes, paperwork, and disconnected technologies that aren’t anywhere near as efficient and effective as they could be.

The good news is that by investing in emerging technology in healthcare, it’s possible for practices to automate much of the busywork away — which, in turn, enables them to reclaim time that they can then invest in strengthening the patient experience.

How money-saving healthcare technology can improve patient outcomes

By investing in purpose-built healthcare technology solutions, medical practices can optimize their clinical and financial workflows — speeding up processes while removing mundane tasks from their staff’s plate. As a result, employees can spend more time with patients, which improves the patient experience and increases the chances they stay loyal to your practice.

1. Practice management software

If your practice is still scheduling appointments and verifying insurance and benefit information by hand, it’s impossible for you to operate as efficiently as possible — it’s that simple. 

CollaborateMD’s practice management solution enables you to get more control over revenue cycle management with real-time claims submission. Using our technology, you can optimize the claims lifecycle to accelerate cash flow. You can also eliminate manually posted errors by automatically posting payments and adjustments.

2. Patient engagement software

The more engaged your patients are in the healthcare process, the more satisfied they will likely be — and the better the health outcomes they’ll experience because of it.

With a robust patient engagement software solution, CollaborateMD can help here, too. Not only will you be able to give your clients access to a patient portal they can use to gain more visibility into their account and visit history, but you’ll also be able to automatically remind them about upcoming visits, which should reduce cancellations and no-shows.

What’s more, CollaborateMD also allows you to take advantage of in-app credit card processing, which makes collecting payments easier and more convenient than ever before.

3. Electronic health record (EHR) software

If your practice still has mountains full of paper documents, chances are your employees waste time searching for misplaced files — and you’ve got a lot of bulky cabinets that are jam-packed with folders and forms.

The sooner your practice embraces digital transformation and adopts EHR software, the faster you’ll be able to reclaim considerable time while increasing profitability and taking repetitive tasks off your team’s plate.CollaborateMD has partnered with a number of leading EHR providers. We’ll work with you closely to ensure you select an EHR solution that meets your needs, and we’ll also ensure the platform you choose integrates with other solutions you use every day so that you can maximize your returns. 

At this point, you have a better idea of how emerging technology in healthcare can improve your practice. But you might be worried about how much money these kinds of solutions cost. 

In the next section, we’ll briefly examine CollaborateMD’s different pricing plans, which start at $194/month per provider.

Choose the perfect plan for your practice

At CollaborateMD, we offer several different pricing tiers that enable practices like yours to pick the perfect solution for your unique needs:

  • Starter, which delivers basic automation for startups and small private practice
  • Basic, which is designed for small to medium-sized practices 
  • Growth, which simplifies workflows for growing practices
  • Unlimited, which helps mult-provider practices achieve ultimate earnings potential

To learn more about how your medical practice can use emerging technology in healthcare to save time and money while improving the patient experience and driving competitive advantage, request a demo today.



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