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5 Tips to Improve the Patient Experience During COVID-19

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on patient experience in 2020. At the start of the pandemic, medical facilities were reporting record-low patient volumes. Now, nearly 6 months later, providers are starting to see their visits return to pre-pandemic numbers. Providers who have focused on improving the patient experience are seeing better results. Below are 5 tips to improve the patient experience during COVID-19.

Improving Pandemic Patient Experience


Telehealth has made waves over the last decade as the most revolutionary visit alternative available to patients. Up until COVID-19 in the United States, payers were still on the fence about covering telehealth visits. Once the pandemic demanded a limit on in-person interactions, more payers hopped on board. A quality telehealth solution makes it easy for patients to continue regularly scheduled visits with their providers, just without the COVID-19 risk. Patients can avoid risky medical facilities and visit with their doctors over video or phone. This has been essential to limiting the spread of COVID-19 while still connecting patients to the care they depend on.

Virtual Queuing Solution

Virtual queuing solutions are making it possible for patients to still see their providers in person. This technology takes the waiting room out of the provider’s office and into wherever the patient is. Patients can wait in their car, check-in digitally, and watch themselves move through the virtual queue until their appointment. This is eliminating crowded waiting rooms, adhering to social distancing guidelines, and improving the patient experience. Providers can also utilize this technology to inform patients on any new regulations or what to expect for their visit.

Quality Patient Portal

Telehealth and virtual queueing solutions are revolutionizing the patient experience by giving patients convenient and safe alternatives to in-person interactions. The tool that has been doing this the longest is the patient portal. A quality patient portal offers patients the opportunity to complete many interactions online. Here they can complete their intake documents, view their test results, and communicate directly with your team or their doctor. This tool has been revolutionizing the patient experience for several years and continues to do so throughout the pandemic.

Chronic Care Management

Providers who wish to improve the patient experience for their high-risk patients should consider implementing a quality CCM program. Chronic Care Management has proven to improve the lives of patients battling multiple chronic conditions. Due to COVID-19, many of these patients are now considered high-risk and need to avoid in-person interactions when possible. With CMS covering a wide range of telehealth services during the pandemic, CCM is truly keeping these patients safe.

Easy Payment Options

Lastly, many patient experiences are negatively impacted by a poor billing experience. Your patients need easy to understand payment options. This might include a billing solution that integrates with their patient portal. This way they can view and understand their bill and even make payments all in one spot. Price transparency tools are also valuable in your billing software to help patients prepare for their medical costs before services being rendered.

Improving the patient experience during COVID-19 is possible when you follow these steps. To learn more about how your practice can implement these solutions, click here.



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