Healthcare Technology and COVID-19: How the Pandemic Has Changed Healthcare

The relationship between COVID-19 and healthcare technology is constantly expanding. Providers everywhere are rushing to implement new tools. They are doing so with the intention of creating a safe public environment, maintaining high patient volume, growing their revenue, and keeping their patients engaged. With an increase in coverage for a number of healthcare technology tools, including telehealth, providers are interested now more than ever before in what new tool might be able to offer them. The pandemic continues to make waves of change throughout the healthcare industry, and healthcare technology plays a major role in that.

Healthcare Technology and COVID-19

Telehealth is in use now more than ever; many patients have used it for the first time to stay safe during the pandemic. In order to avoid traveling outside of their home, visiting busy facilities, and minimize their risk of exposure, many patients are turning to virtual care. While telehealth has been around for many years, many patients have never used it. It was only the pandemic that prompted them to start engaging with this kind of care. With telehealth use at an all-time high, providers are quickly implementing virtual solutions. With so many solutions now on the market, providers need to be wary of the quality of the software they choose to use.

Virtual Care
Virtual care includes more than just telehealth. Any digital interaction or engagement can be considered a type of virtual care. Tools like patient communication solutions, scheduling software, e-visits, and more enable a patient to engage their provider virtually rather than in person. As in-person volumes are lower than normal due to the pandemic, virtual healthcare technology solutions have proven useful for maintaining high patient engagement.

Queue Management
Queue management solutions have become the number one tool for ensuring your practice is creating a safe public environment for in-person visits. This healthcare technology tool enables your practice to digitize the waiting room. Patients no longer have to wait in crowded and awkward waiting rooms. Instead, they can check-in from their mobile device and wait in their care. Your practice can then automatically notify them when it is time to come inside.

Chronic Care Management
Chronic Care Management has changed in its use of healthcare technology this year more than in years past. With CMS announcing increased telehealth coverage for Medicare patients, CCM patients are now able to utilize more digital services. This has proven incredibly helpful to their care. They no longer have to put themselves at risk in order to visit with their doctors. While this coverage is only temporary through the pandemic, many patients are appreciating the use of healthcare technology in their care.

Practice Management Software
A quality practice management solution has always been essential to a well-running practice. Now more than ever providers need this healthcare technology solution to keep operating at their best. The right software can help your team maximize reimbursements and improve efficiencies across the board. With so much stress falling in the laps of healthcare workers during the pandemic, your team needs healthcare technology that will make your job easier.

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