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Grow Your Practice with Chronic Care Management

On Aug 30, 2019

Whether you are a specialty provider or a Primary Care Physician, chances are, you have diagnosed and treated a patient who is battling multiple chronic conditions.

The number of individuals in the United States battling multiple chronic conditions has grown astronomically over the past decade. These patients have, and continue to struggle to manage their own care. Despite CMS having introduced the Chronic Care Management reimbursement program in 2015, many patients still find it difficult to engage their providers effectively. Many who would benefit from CCM services are unaware of its existence or do not know a provider who offers it. Whether you are looking to improve your bottom line, improve the quality of life of your chronically ill patients, or looking to offer a new line of services, Chronic Care Management can help grow your practice in each direction.

Benefits of Chronic Care Management:

1) Care Coordination

A large reason that chronically ill patients have such poor outcomes is their type of condition, but also how difficult it is to manage their own care on top of their symptoms. For patients with debilitating conditions, unless they have a full support system in place, it can be impossible to stay on top of every detail. For patients who successfully manage their conditions, they must tackle the details. They must follow their treatment plans meticulously, and they must stay compliant with each specialist in order to get the best chance at a good outcome. The first benefit of Chronic Care Management for patients who use it is the introduction of care coordination. With Chronic Care Management, patients have a team of healthcare professionals working together to help them manage those life-saving details. Patients who utilize Chronic Care Management care coordination are proven to remain more compliant with their treatment plan and better manage their difficult symptoms.

2) Improved Outcomes

Research has shown us the positive impact that Chronic Care Management has had on the outcomes of patients who have utilized it. Mentioned before, Chronic Care Management care coordination helps patients connect the many pieces of their care into a team with a goal. Other features of CCM also positively impact a patient’s outcome. CCM services connect patients to helpful community resources that keep the patient highly engaged. Patients are better able to track and remember their appointments and stay compliant with medications. CCM eligible patients work with a team of healthcare professionals to maximize their quality of life and improve their outcomes.

3) Impact on Revenue

Introducing any new service to your practice comes with an additional revenue stream, small or large. Since CMS introduced the reimbursement program associated with Chronic Care Management, providers have the potential to earn up to $85,000 a year per provider, having a huge impact on practice revenue. This goes further than just billing for services when the patient comes in, but it earns your practice money by allowing you to bill for services provided to patients outside of the traditional office setting.

The positive impact of Chronic Care Management on the lives of your patients is enough for any provider to make the decision to implement this service. Not only does it improve patient outcomes and engagement, but CCM will also improve your bottom line. To learn more about offering Chronic Care Management at your practice, click here.

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