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Benefits of a Patient Queue Management Solution

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, a patient would walk in the front door to your practice and check-in at a desk with your front-line staff. With the pandemic still in full effect, it is time to find a new way to get your patients checked in for their appointments while minimizing the risk of transmitting COVID-19. The answer to reducing patient fear during COVID-19, and increasing clinic volume is a patient queue management solution. With a patient queue management solution at your practice, your patients can stay safe in their vehicles and informed every step of the way.

Adhere to Social Distancing Guidelines

Nearly every state in the country has implemented some sort of social distancing regulations in order to minimize the transmission of the coronavirus from person to person. It is vital that your organization adhere to state and federal social distancing guidelines to keep patients safe and slow down the spread of COVID-19. With a queue management solution, your practice can adhere to these regulations while also increasing patient volumes to reflect pre-pandemic numbers. The technology keeps patients in their cars until your office is ready to give them a wellness check and take them to their prepared room. This keeps patients out of the waiting room and away from one another as much as possible.

Increase Patient Volumes

Practices across the country reported record low patient volumes at the start of the pandemic due to the limitations of in-person interactions. One of the most profitable benefits of a queue management solution is that it is helping providers return to pre-COVID-19 patient volumes. With a way to safely communicate and queue patients without the traditional waiting room setting, providers are able to schedule more visits and bill for more services.

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Reduce Frustrating Wait Times

Even before the pandemic, wait times were a frustrating experience for any patient at any practice. With a queue management solution, your practice can help reduce wait times by giving individuals a clear picture as to where they are in line. With automated text and call notifications, a queue management solution informs your patient on their estimated wait time, where they are in line, and when they are to report to your wellness check station. This improves the waiting experience for the patient both during and after the pandemic is over.

Streamline Front Office Workflow

With a queue management solution, your front office can run with more organization and efficiency than ever before. This tool helps your team easily keep track of which patients have checked in, who is waiting, where they are in the process, who needs to be discharged, and more. With an automated queue, this software makes it easy for your front-line staff to multi-task and complete more in their day while working with patients to keep them safe and informed along the way.

Improve Patient Satisfaction and Experience

With a queue management solution, your practice will improve the overall patient experience by reducing frustrating wait times. More than that, your organization can improve its overall workflow, keeping patients satisfied. Improving office efficiency and flow makes for smooth patient interactions and a better image of your organization in the patient’s eyes. Even once the pandemic is over, a queue management solution will help keep patients impressed with how you operate and satisfied with their care.

To learn more about a queue management solution that can help your organization adhere more easily to social distancing regulations, increase patient volumes, and improve patient satisfaction, click here. Or you can request a demo with the CollaborateMD team.

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