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5 Tips on How to Increase Patient Volume

Patient volume took a hit at the beginning of 2020 as the pandemic changed how healthcare organizations had to function. Traditional in-person care processes like full waiting rooms and elevators had to shift and move digital. As providers adopted quality technology, they learned that there might be a different way to increase patient volume. Not only this but implementing quality digital solutions can increase patient visits to pre-pandemic levels. Through increasing patient satisfaction, quality communication, and simple-to-use technology, providers are growing their organizations. Keep reading to learn what tips and tools can help you rebuild patient volumes.

Patient Outreach

While healthcare organizations have had their realities thrown upside down, so have their patients. Frequent interactions with one’s healthcare provider are not on the front of their minds. For this reason, patient outreach is critical to increasing patient volume. Providers need to make sure they are reminding their patients that they are there for them during and after the pandemic and public health is your number one priority. The more reminders, newsletters, and messages you release will help your patients think more about their healthcare and the higher patient volumes you will achieve.

Increase Communication

Communication is everything. Increasing one-on-one communication with your patients is the surest way to make sure they are staying engaged. This should involve offering traditional communication tools like the patient portal, but also new technology innovations. Tools like chatbot software are helping providers increase communication with their patients without stretching themselves too thin. Designed to sound just like your practice, an automated tool ensures your patients are getting their questions answered and appointments scheduled.

Chronic Care Management

Chronic care management is more important now than ever before. As chronically ill patients fall into the high-risk category for COVID-19, they are having to avoid unsafe public environments. Many patients are struggling to keep up with the demands of their health in their lives. Chronic care management can help your organization continue to earn revenue chronic the CMS payment program, but also help patients stay on top of their health during this difficult era of their life.


Telehealth was widely adopted by healthcare professionals of all types during the pandemic. It has and continues to prove incredibly helpful in maintaining high patient volumes. As the pandemic continues to unfold and the aftermath is still unknown, digital solutions like this can help ensure your practice is still seeing patients.

Queue Management solutions

A queue management solution might be exactly what your healthcare organization needs to create a safe public environment and increase patient volumes. This tool creates an alternative waiting experience that is more pleasant for patients overall. Patients can wait in their car, track themselves in line, and receive updates regarding their visit. This eliminates the hazardous in-office waiting room and replaces it with a safer and more desirable waiting experience.

Implementing the right tools and efforts will help your organization increase patient volumes. To learn more, click here.



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