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Medical Practice Management

CMD Revenue Calculator

Calculate how much you can get paid more and faster

CMD Revenue Calculator

Calculate how much you can get paid more and faster, in just minutes with our CMD Revenue Calculator! Our CMD Revenue Calculator will show you how our solution can advance your practice's financial goals!

Download the Revenue Calculator below and answer the five simple questions below to gain an understanding on how CollaborateMD can improve your revenue as a result of our FPA rate of 99%!
*Industry averages for First Pass Acceptance rate are between 79%-85%.

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Download the Revenue Calculator

The first pass acceptance rate (FPA) is the percentage of claims that pass the tens of thousands of clearinghouse edits at the first submission. Claims are passed on to the insurance payer immediately after, meaning that more claims have a higher chance of getting paid faster.

The national average for FPA rates is said to be only 70%. CollaborateMD's FPA rate is 99%, 29% higher than the national average. We reach a high FPA rate because we update our software and edits frequently to prevent errors upfront during data entry.

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