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medical billing

Medical Billing Software Prices That Will Make You Happy

With tight budgets today, you need to make every dollar count. With us, you can stretch your dollar a little further.

Affordable Medical Billing Service & Lab Pricing

Medical billing service pricingFor billing services of all sizes, CollaborateMD helps you get your customers paid faster, manage multiple accounts with ease, set users permissions for individual customer accounts, file claims with minimal rejections, post accurate payments to shrink customer A/R, and more. Our per-transaction pricing model will help you keep costs down without sacrificing convenience.

This pricing is also applicable for Diagnostic Facilities and Laboratories.

Key Features Included
  • Exclusive Claim Tracking (track all stages of a claim with the click of a button)
  • Secure Internal Messaging (securely communicate with your staff and our support team)
  • Unlimited User License (access for clients and staff with high-level and granular permission levels assigned by administrator)
  • Software Updates & Support Included (receive key new features and knowledgeable support year-round)
  • Automatic Claims Transmission & Report Retrieval (reduce data entry and accelerate revenue process)
Medical Billing Package Pricing
Medical Billing Package Pricing
First Tax Id Set-Up FREE
Optional Add On:
Additional Tax ID's $99
Data Conversion Pricing Available Upon Request


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CollaborateMD Monthly Pricing Details:
  • The monthly minimum for Medical Billing Service/Lab Pricing is $179. If your active provider transactions equal to less than the monthly minimum, a fee to reach minimum will be assessed. 
  • Your account set-up includes one (1) tax ID. Any additional Tax ID Add-ons are $99 each.
  • The monthly provider fee will be charged for one (1) active rendering/attending provider, per customer in your account, and covers software usage, maintenance and standard support. Any additional active providers in the same customer will be charged per the following Low Volume Discounts:
    • Full Provider Fee: >= 75 Total Claims ( Electronic + Paper + [User Print * .5] )
    • Half Provider Fee: 6 - 74 Total Claims ( Electronic + Paper + [User Print * .5] )
    • Minor Provider Fee: 1 - 5 Total Claims ( Electronic + Paper + [User Print * .5] )
      • If the additional active provider in the same customer/practice submits five or fewer claims per month to the clearinghouse, that provider will be assessed the minor monthly fee of $5 per provider.
      • *User Print Claims will be counted as ½ transactions.
  • If the Minor Provider Fee is determined to be greater than the Half Provider Fee, you will be assessed the equivalent of the Half Provider Fee instead.