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Helpful Tools and Reports

Our customer portal provides additional helpful tools such as enhanced reporting. Just one more way we make your life easier.


The Customer User Portal provides many great features to support users of various learning styles to learn our software inside and out. You have 24/7/365 access to the portal for quick answers at your convenience. With release notes, user guides, and detailed feature & functionality content, our documentation is a combined effort of our in-house software development, documentation, support and quality assurance teams.

Our web-based portal also includes an entire suite of tools intended to enhance our software package: Wiki (Help Section), Training Videos, Forums, Enhanced Reporting, Superbill Templates, as well as the ability to print-out order forms and perform program downloads. The Customer User Portal is always available for you to reference.

CollaborateMD Customer User Portal

Highlights of the Customer User Portal

Wiki (Help Section)
At CollaborateMD, we are always striving to have the highest quality of support and tools available to our valued customers. This Wiki provides a “How-to” approach to utilizing the CollaborateMD program. In this Wiki, you will find written instructions, along with screenshots, that provide you with step-by-step instructions regarding all the sections in the CollaborateMD program. These tools will allow you to utilize CollaborateMD to its maximum potential.

Highlights of Wiki

  • Can be printed as a manual to refer to
  • Provides screenshots and step-by-step instructions
  • Ability to toggle between Wiki and the screen you are currently viewing in CollaborateMD
  • Opens to same sections you are viewing within CollaborateMD

Training Videos
Our training videos are available on demand to help you learn each section of the practice management and medical billing program at your speed.

The Forum is a virtual community where CollaborateMD Users may interact with other medical professionals. In the forum, you have access to CollaborateMD Press Releases, software issues, and a variety of forums, including Industry Forums, CollaborateMD Forums, Billing Forums, EMR Forums, and many more. The outlet is a great way to communicate with other medical practices or billing companies.

Enhanced Reporting
Enhanced reporting provides a more flexible and scalable medium for business intelligence, dynamic reporting and analytics. This data allows users to build, export, and share rich content reports in a wide variety of formats for better practice management.

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