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Multiple Locations? No Problem

Whether one location or multiple, our Internet solution will fit your needs and make your life easier.

Medical Software for Urgent Care Clinics

At CollaborateMD, we understand that urgent care clinics require a medical software solution that can keep up with an incredibly fast-paced environment. Recognizing that claim volume, patient demographics, specialties, and even types of procedures can vary greatly from one clinic to the next, we offer a scalable system that is built to work within the fast-paced urgent care environment. Plus, our dynamic coding tools make it easier to manage your myriad of complex billing codes to process claims quickly with fewer rejections and denials on your first pass.

CollaborateMD can simplify and accelerate patient check-in—ensuring shorter wait times for walk-in patients—by giving you the tools you need to quickly run eligibility, verify demographics, and generate a claim in no time. When you put your trust in CollaborateMD, you can be sure you and your staff will get more work done in less time, resulting in better, faster patient care.

“I have been working closely with [a consultant] and she said that CollaborateMD was one of the best she has seen. She loved it! She was amazed at how easy it was to access the reports she needed at the Care Center and had nothing but praise.”
— Billing Service Owner, Pennsylvania