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Medical Practice Management
Software Pricing

Web-Based Billing Solutions for Medical Practices Starting at $189/ Month

Monthly pricing per rendering/attending provider.
Discounts available for additional medical providers with *low claim volume.



Basic Automation for Start-Ups and Small Private Practices

  • · Unlimited eClaims
  • · Appointment Scheduler
  • · Real-Time Claim Submission
  • · Built-in Clearinghouse Edits
  • · Free Preferred EHR Interface
  • · CMD2GO ( Mobile App)
  • · Central Business Intelligence Reports
  • · Patient Payment Plans
  • · 75 MB Document Cloud Storage
  • · In-App Credit Card Processing
  • · Secure Payment Portal for Patients


Time-Saving Features for Small to Medium Practices

  • · Everything in Starter, plus
  • · 150 MB Document Cloud Storage
  • · Custom Report Builder
  • · Unlimited ERA w/ Auto-posting
  • · Unlimited Real-Time Eligibility




Simplified Workflows for Growing Practices 

  • · Everything in Starter & Basic, plus
  • · 200 MB Document Cloud Storage
  • · Report Snap & Share
  • · Claim Scrubbing
  • · Claim Follow-up & Task Management
  • · Unlimited USPS Address Scrubbing


Ultimate Earnings for Multiple Provider Practices

  • · Everything in Starter, Basic & Growth, plus
  • · 250 MB Document Cloud Storage
  • · Enhanced User Print Statements
  • · Financial Insight Tools & Analytics
  • · Unlimited eClaim Attachment
  • · Unlimited Phone Appt Reminders
  • · Unlimited SMS Appt Reminders
  • · Unlimited Paper Claims

Work Less, Get Paid Fast 

Running a successful medical practice can be difficult. CollaborateMD provides the insights and time-saving tools you need to get paid fast, and grow your business. Our cloud-based software offers simple solutions so you can get back to your main priority: providing quality patient care.

Real-Time Claim Submission
Real-Time Claim Submission gives you on-demand visibility into your claim and enables real-time results. No more waiting until the next day to see claim acceptances or rejections!
Report Financials & Dashboards
View 125+ report templates and modify them with the ease of drag-and-drop fields, filters, grouping, and charting, allowing you to view the financial performance & health of your account.
Patient Processing & Payment
Streamline front office registration and payment processes with our In-App Credit Card Processing & Payment Portal, designed to help your office staff work more efficiently and accurately.  
Claim Control & Task Management 
CollaborateMD medical billing software generates patient and payer collection worklists with automated, prioritized follow-up tasks that boost your collections productivity and improve financial performance.

Appointment Scheduling
Our appointment scheduler can be easily customized to fit your needs in addition to configuring scheduling rules that will help maximize the physician's time, while optimizing your front-office and back-office workflow.
Get Paid Fast
Our customers work less and get paid faster thanks to our 99% First Pass Claim Acceptance rates, 29% higher than the national average! You too can experience exceptional first pass claim acceptance rates (FPA) with CollaborateMD.

Customize Your Plan with Valuable Add-On Services

Streamline workflows even more with simple features that reduce administrative burden and manual daily tasks. 

Address Correction
CollaborateMD updates the Address Verification information based on the USPS database(s). Address Verification will help improve address quality for more efficient delivery of statements and other mailed items. This service will allow users to identify bad addresses, highlight the address & correct the address in real-time with one click.
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Text or Phone Appointment Reminders
Appointment Reminders are integrated within CollaborateMD & the Appointment Scheduling system. This service can be used to contact patients for appointment reminders, lab results, & annual appointment reminders. Customize your office message, and let patients choose how they wish to be contacted – phone or secure text message.
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Enhanced User Print Statements

Fully customizable color statement offer a professional look and feel that aligns with our Automated Statements, and FHMA Patient-Friendly Billing guidelines.  Customizable headers, content, icons, background color, page numbers, font, show payment stub or hide, enter custom URL’s, logos and preview how charges breakdowns and appear, before printing.

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Paper Claims

Paper Claims, sent by CollaborateMD services, result in quicker payments from the payer & saves on costs for printing, sorting, addressing and mailing. We handle all of that for you, resulting in significant savings.

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Patient Statements

Electronic Patient Statements has CollaborateMD automatically generate and send daily or monthly statements while you save the costs of labor & fees associated with mailing. Each statement can then be successfully tracked inside CollaborateMD.

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Document Imaging & Storage

Streamline your office with greater efficiency and reclaim full control over organizing files, customizing folders, and attaching documents directly to Patients, Claims, and Payments. Easily retrieve and view documents regardless of the location they were scanned in streamlining your office for great efficiency.

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CollaborateMD Monthly Pricing Details:
  • The monthly minimum for Medical Practices is the price of the selected plan. 
  • Your account set-up includes one (1) tax ID. Any additional Tax ID Add-ons are $99 each.
  • The monthly provider fee will be charged for one (1) active rendering/attending provider, per customer in your account, and covers software usage, maintenance and standard support. Any additional active providers in the same customer will be charged per the following *Low Volume Discounts:
    • Full Provider Fee: >= 75 Total Claims ( Electronic + Paper + [User Print * .5] )
    • Half Provider Fee: 6 - 74 Total Claims ( Electronic + Paper + [User Print * .5] )
    • Minor Provider Fee: 1 - 5 Total Claims ( Electronic + Paper + [User Print * .5] )
      • If the additional active provider in the same customer/practice submits five or fewer claims per month to the clearinghouse, that provider will be assessed the minor monthly fee of $30 per provider.
      • *User Print Claims will be counted as ½ transactions.