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Medical Billing Software

Web medical billing software that gets you paid faster.

Electronic Medical Billing Software

The CollaborateMD Web Electronic Medical Billing Software and Practice Management Software was developed in 1999 to make the lives easier of medical billers across the country. CollaborateMD's 99% average first pass acceptance rate is the highest in the industry which means less re-work for users. The team at CollaborateMD continually works on enhancing the program to prevent errors at the time of data entry. The team also works hand in hand with the claims clearinghouse to determine addition claim edits that should be placed in the software to prevent clearinghouse claim rejections.

The easy to navigate screens allow even the most entry level billers the get started using the program quickly. From the top of its class appointment scheduler to claim and patient entry, ease of use us the driving factor for any section of the program. Users can easily track any medical claim by using the powerful Claim Tracking and Claim Control sections of the program. Claim Tracking has numerous search criteria to allow users to search for any type of claim, whether rejected or accepted. Users can easily fix rejected claims and mark them as fixed to prevent duplicate work and easier organization.

Medical practices love the CollaborateMD electronic medical billing software because their office runs more efficiently and the low monthly CollaborateMD fees don't hurt their bottom line. No setup fees and the low monthly costs are just part of the reason medical practice love CollaborateMD. CollaborateMD's unlimited phone, email, and chat support are included in all plans and allows users to get the help they need, when they need it.

Medical billing services thrive on the CollaborateMD software due to many features specifically made for them. A single user login and the capability to switch between medical practice customers makes life very easy for medical billing services. HIPAA compliant and secure messaging within the software allows medical billing services to effectively communicate with their clients at any hour of the day. Running reports across multiple practice is a great feature that allows medical billing services to understand and compare their clients financial data.

Task Reminders is a great feature which allows users to keep track of the top tasks and allows users to delegate tasks to other users within their account. No longer to users have to use paper or use a separate program to keep track of tasks and reminders.

The CollaborateMD Web medical billing software is the best of breed across all medical practice management software solutions and is making the lives easier for each new customer they sign up.