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Know the TRUTH CollaborateMD

Myths told by CollaborateMD competitors

Some of our competitors know that the CMD software, services, and pricing are the best available and in order to get your business they make up false and deceitful statements.   Is that the type of company you want to trust your business and financials with? We wouldn't. 

If you were told any of these false and fabricated statements below then you are dealing with a competitor who will do whatever it takes to make the sale.  You've been warned.



1. CMD has no support and you must pay for it.   

CollaborateMD includes multiple types of support, including phone, for all customers at NO EXTRA COST. All of our pricing is clearly stated on our website for all to see.  No hidden fees or small print.

2. CMD nickel and dimes all its customers. Never true.  But we do make sure all of our medical practices collect every nickel and dime due to them from their payers and patients -  No penny left behind!

3. CMD is not a preferred partner of Practice Fusion and only AdvancedMD is preferred. CollaborateMD has been a preferred partner of Practice Fusion since 2013.

Click for Practice Fusion Preferred Partners List

4. CMD has no code scrubber capability

CollaborateMD has had an extensive code scrubbing feature for over 15 years.

5. CMD charges for each report and Kareo does not.

This has to be the most ridiculous thing a competitor has said!  Any user can use our CBI reporting and run over 100 reports anytime, anywhere.

6. CMD does not have ICD-10 codes We hope no one ever believed this deceit from a competitor.  The truth is we have ICD-10 codes and were actually one of the few vendors selected by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) to participate in end-to-end ICD-10.  

7. CMD is not cloud-based

CollaborateMD is an application you download to your PC.  Once started, you login to our data centers across the Internet.  We securely handle and store all of your data in our HIPAA and PCI compliant servers.

8. CMD does not give training All new customers are assigned a dedicated implementation specialist to make sure they get sucessfully up and running as quick as possible. 

9. CMD does not have a built-in clearinghouse

CollaborateMD has had a built-in clearinghouse before most of our competitors were even a business!   Way back in 2001 we partnered with RelayHealth (now ChangeHealthcare) as our clearinghouse partner.  


If you are interested in learning the facts about our software, services and prices schedule a 15 minute call with us