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Happy Customers Make Great Referrals

We are proud to say that a large portion of our growth is from customer referrals.


Any customer, vendor, ClaimGear student/instructor, or partner of CollaborateMD may participate in the Referral Program. Simply refer our software to your colleagues and when they become a customer, we will reward you for your commitment to our company. For each referral, you will receive $200.

An easy way to earn extra money is by simply chatting about our software to your friends and colleagues. What are you waiting for? Start spreading the word about how CollaborateMD has benefited you!

How Does It Work?

1. Carefully review our Terms and Conditions.
2. Refer our software to any potential user, and be sure to submit each referral by filling out the form below.
3. A W-9 will need to be completed by the Referee in order to receive the referral bonus and faxed to our Secure Fax Line: 888.755.7746. You can get the form here

Tell us about your referral