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Brand Ambassador Referral Bonus Extended!

On Dec 6, 2019

We're feeling in the holiday spirit here, and we want to continue to reward our loyal and happy customers! We decided to extend our referral bonus for the Brand Ambassador program until the end of the year.

That means, that as long as you submit your referral by December 31st, 2019, you can qualify to earn $1,500 from just four referrals. As a Brand Ambassador you will receive $300 for your 1st referral, $300 for the 2nd, $400 for the 3rd, and $500 for the 4th and an additional $500 for each one after that.

Share the love with someone who could use our medical billing software, and we'll give back to you. You can apply the bonus to the balance of your account or receive a check from us! Learn more about the referral program and the terms and conditions that apply below.

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Jennifer Jourdan

By Jennifer Jourdan

Jennifer is a Marketing Specialist at CollaborateMD dedicated to helping our customers and partners grow their business and stay informed on healthcare industry news. Jennifer enjoys researching the main topics impacting patient care, medical billing and coding professionals, and Health IT. She writes tips and creates collateral pieces to help clients improve their claim reimbursement cycles, and net profits.

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