Advantages of cloud-based medical billing systems

3 Benefits of Cloud-Based Medical Billing Software

As technology progresses, new tools and practices are constantly being introduced into the medical field. While many of these tools come with promises of heightened clinical efficiency, improved precision, and a boost in revenue, providers are not always quick to jump on board.

Vendors often mask the true nature of their software or technology with a veil of promises that do not always come to fruition. One tool that has the ability to truly make a difference in these areas of a medical practice is cloud-based medical billing. Cloud-based billing solutions offers providers security, peace-of-mind, and savings in multiple areas. Providers should understand how cloud-based medical billing can improve their practice, but also how to identify a qualified vendor.

What is Cloud-based medical billing?

Cloud-based billing software runs on a remote server and is accessible from any authorized computer that has a valid internet connection. The ‚Äúcloud‚Äù is a term that has been introduced in recent years as a new means of collecting and managing data. Looking back, providers traditionally kept their records printed on paper and filed in a cabinet. Move forward a few years, as digital documentation started to become the expectation in the medical community, and most software systems ran on computers that were physically located in their offices. This method is more secure than paper record keeping, or submitting claims manually but it still puts the provider at risk, and requires maintenance and updates that medical practices had to invest in. Although this is still the main method that is practiced by providers in 2019, you will find that more and more providers are moving towards cloud technology. Cloud hosted medical billing gives you more freedom, keeps your data secure, and saves on equipment and IT costs. 

What does Cloud-based Medical Billing Provide?

1) More Security and Reliability 

The biggest question when it comes to patient records is how do we keep them secure? During the times of paper record keeping, the thought was that billing records could be kept safe in a file cabinet with a lock and a key. Digital record keeping was password protected and therefore safe from any breach. The problem with these two methods is that they do not keep your records safe from other things like a fire or your computer crashing. Cloud-based medical billing means keeping all of your records safe from disaster. Even if your computer crashes, the records are kept safe in the cloud and are still accessible when your computer is up and running again. Make sure your vendor of cloud-based medical billing offers added security measures like frequent scheduled backups and are 100% HIPAA compliant.

2) Multi-Practice Use

For providers whose practice functions over multiple different locations, cloud-based medical billing is the ideal solution to data integration and sharing. Cloud-based medical billing allows for untethered access to data across locations, securely accessible via mobile device or desktop computer. This is important for a provider, whose patients visit multiple locations, as they can track the claims from each practice in real time. With cloud-based medical billing, providers are no longer limited to their office computer and can work from where they need to be. This cuts overhead costs by allowing each member of your practice to access data with the purchase of a singular contract, instead of one for each computer at each location.

3) Latest Technology/Accessibility

While cloud-based medical billing software is still relatively new to the field of healthcare, there are still providers who lack the latest technology. Providers should search for a vendor of cloud-based medical billing who offers greater accessibility with the latest technology. Providers should be able to log in from wherever as long as they have a valid internet connection, helping them monitor claims on-the-go and see changes occur in real time. Cloud-based solutions make it easy to perform medical billing and coding workflows on different types of devices.

With cloud-based medical billing software, healthcare professionals can focus their time on patient care , submitting clean claims and getting paid. Each one of these characteristics of cloud-based billing help streamline practice operations and manage billing at every level . To learn more about cloud-based medical billing, click here.

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