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Freedom of Choice

You can have a right to choose the best clinical solution & the best PM solution that fits your business needs.  Without cash flow, there is no business.

Freedom of Choice for EHR and PM/Billing

Freedom of Choice EHR Software

You wouldn't hire a plumber to work on rewiring your home, and you wouldn't hire an electrician to install new plumbing. They both work on houses, but they specialize in one area to efficiently provide the highest quality of work at the best cost.

The same goes for choosing an EHR and a PM/Billing system. Both vendors work in healthcare, but clinical systems are significantly different than practice management systems. You need to choose one system based on your clinical needs and another on your business needs. Which is important to know that most All-In-One solutions are only highly qualified in only one area.

Ask yourself, why should you compromise one side of your business over another?

At CollaborateMD, we specialize in Internet-based Practice Management/Billing systems, and you reap the benefits! Our monthly first pass claim acceptance rate across all of our customers has consistently averaged 99%! That's a full 29% higher than the national average. This means your claims arrive at the insurance company faster, resulting in you receiving payments dramatically quicker. We also provides Medical Billing Software and Practice Management Solutions for Mobile Devices.

Ask your All-In-One vendor what their monthly first pass claim acceptance rate is. 

The Healthcare industry is changing so fast and I'm glad my software company is able to keep up. I love that CollaborateMD is always making improvements to the software. I work in a lot of different systems and I like CollaborateMD the best!
Central Texas Allergy and Asthma, P.A. - Admin

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