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Have you made the switch to v10 of CollaborateMD?

Version 10 (V10) boasts more than just aesthetic improvements. Its intuitive design further increases productivity and provides more options and flexibility. Navigating CMD is straightforward and we want you to understand the basics and how it can simplify your workflows. To help you get accustomed to the new layout, we've made an introduction video that shows you the tools and and features of v10 at a high level. 


Say Hello to Version 10.0 (v10)! 
V10 brings you a modern and sleek new design, and introduces improved features that focus on efficiency and simplicity. Put it this way, Version 10 will have you getting more stuff done in a smarter way. Oh, and the best part is that it lives completely in the cloud, so as long as you have a valid internet connection, and are using a supported browser, you can securely access CMD V10 from anywhere. Since the beta release in March, we've made numerous improvements based on user feedback. Check out our v10 FAQs and release notes below or visit our Knowledge Center for help articles, and other tools and resources. 

Version 10 FAQs

Have questions about v10? Our FAQ guide on Knowledge Center will answer the most common questions you have about v10. 


Beta Release Notes

Our beta release notes includes information on what major changes were made from v9.6 to v10.


General Release Notes

These release notes provide a high-level description of the enhancements made based on user feedback from the v10 beta launch.

Intuitive Knowledge Center

Our new Knowledge Center contains tools to help you learn and become a CollaborateMD SME ( Subject Matter Expert).

  • A predictive search feature creates a smoother browsing experience and guides you to relevant material in seconds.
  • Its organized and streamlined design helps direct you to the right category.
  • It provides easy-to-find solutions, coupled with 24/7 online access to Help Articles, FAQs, Tips, Videos and More!


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New Navigation Layout

Our new User Side Panel has a more natural and instinctive layout.

  • The core sections can now be found under Customer Setup and are easier to find.
  • A search bar on the top left helps you easily navigate to the screens you are looking for.
  • Statements, Super bills, and Labels now have their own screens.
  • Setting, Options, and other Configurations are grouped together.


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Dedicated Agreement Section 

The Payer Agreements Section allows you to streamline processes and manage agreements with payers. 

  • You can easily lookup the status of an agreement, and submit agreements for multiple payers at once. 
  • You have the ability to remove unwanted agreements you may have started. 
  • We've clarified agreement statuses, making it easier to identify which agreements have been sent to the payer or have been approved vs. completed. 
  • More options and filters to help search for existing agreements.


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Patient-Friendly Statements 

Enhancements in the Statements section will help you collect more payments and ensure there is no lag in your billing. 

  • Statements are easier to create, edit and save for future use. 
  • Re-designed patient statements are clear, concise and easily customized.
  • Templates update in real-time allowing users to view a realistic representation based on the information and configuration settings.

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Simple Report Building

Customizing and building reports is even simpler. 

  • View recently ran and edited reports.
  • View descriptions for the Report Builder fields are built-in, so you won't need the Help Pages to look up their intended use.
  • Ability to customize and re-order report columns by dragging and dropping instead of clicking up and down arrows.

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Time-Saving Features

There are fewer tabs to open, and more room to view the information you need and stay on track.

  • Notes, Default Settings, and Configuration Alert tabs are conveniently moved to the side panel so you can log notes and adjust settings while still viewing pertinent information.
  • You can toggle between customer accounts and open multiple customers at once. 
  • Messages and Tasks are always at the top, so you can quickly view what needs to be completed next. 


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Small changes can make a big difference, and these are no exception.

V10 Reports-thumb

New Side Toolbar

With a sleek new design, your CollaborateMD app is now faster, easier and more intuitive than ever before. You'll notice the same important sections, but organized in a simpler and concise way.


New Messages Icon

The messages icon is now located in the top right, allowing you to view your messages within any other screen. It also introduces a new built-in search bar, and multi-select options.


New Tasks Page

Tasks are a powerful tool, so we've created their own page to help you stay on task. You can easily assign tasks for multiple customer accounts to keep your team organized and working efficiently. 


New "Tips" Help Section

The "Show Tips" Section is more intuitive and comprehensive. In most major sections, you can select "Show Tips" and it will provide you correlating information and direct links to the Help Pages to learn more.


find a section-1.png

Improved User Searching

Version 10 provides you with a smoother browsing experience that shows the best answers as quickly as possible. Find the screen you are looking for in seconds. 

Edit Contact Info-2.png

New User Profile 

The New User Profile is easier to find, and even easier to configure. You can add a picture to your Profile, Submit Feedback, and effortlessly switch between customers if you manage multiple accounts.  

Say Goodbye to v9.6; Hello to v10