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CMD2GO Sneak Peek

Our team is working hard to always provide you with the ultimate
user experience with improved mobility available soon!
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Messaging and Scheduling On The Go! 



messaging48.png Messaging

Learn how CMD2GO provides you secure messaging while away from the office.  Stay up-to-date on current messages wherever you are. 
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scheduler48.png Scheduler

Our robust appointment scheduler allows you and your designated users to access several functions from within the scheduling program while on the go! 
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Securely Communicate and Share Patient Information in a Simple and Efficient Way!

CMD messaging  allows you to communicate with other CollaborateMD users. Now, with CMD2GO, continue those communications even while your away from the office.  Plus, stay worry free as CMD2GO will continue to support your messages in a HIPAA-compliant format even from your mobile device, tablet, or desktop messaging.  Send and receive real-time updates from any device as long as you have internet access.

CMD2GO allows you a simple, clean, and streamlined approach to secure messaging. The CMD2GO Messaging is not designed to replace your current e-mail system, but to allow you more flexibility with your other CollaborateMD users within your account. CMD2GO provides a confidential, secure messaging system while away from your desk. You can also use this section to send messages to CollaborateMD Accounting, Support and Sales Representatives.

The Messaging was created to allow CollaborateMD users in your account to communicate electronically in a highly secure environment. While you can and possibly already communicate electronically via e-mail, e-mail communications are not always encrypted and therefore may not be secure enough to discuss patient treatment, insurance claims, etc. Use CMD2GO Messaging to prevent HIPAA and PHI potential issues.

What's the CMD2GO Messaging?

  • Review new CMD messages while you're away from your desk
  • Secured by 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Communications are stored on our servers
  • Organize your mail by folders
  • Auto-complete contact names as you type
  • Only the recipients you specify will see your messages
  • Customize messages with rich text formatting by adding color, underlining key points, making words bold, changing your font style, or inserting hyperlinks.


Practices are able to benefit from electronic patient scheduling, and they no longer have to rely on the massive appointment book. You can improve patient satisfaction and optimize office efficiency with the CMD2GO Scheduler. The Scheduler section provides functionality to optimize your front-office and back-office workflow. Our state-of-the-art mobile scheduler allows designated users to access several functions from within the scheduling program for CMD, and now from any internet-enabled device.

Our system is flexible enough to handle even the most complicated schedules. The appointment scheduler can be easily customized to fit your needs in addition to configuring scheduling rules that will help maximize the physician's time. Information such as the patient's contact information, notes, alerts, insurance(s), and appointment history can be managed anytime, anywhere from any mobile device or web-application.  

What's the CMD2GO Scheduler?
  • Manage all appointments across multiple customer accounts in a single calendar view
  • Create and modify appointments and appointment blocks
  • Create and modify existing patient demographics

Options & Filters on the Go!

CMD2GO syncs with your CollaborateMD appointments so that everyone in your practice can stay on the same page, no matter where they are. All previous and upcoming appointments can be viewed using an intuitive daily view by resource(s) and department(s).

Feature includes:
•  Editing Time Slots
Editing Scheduler Hours
Adjusting Filters by Resource, Practice, Provider, Office, Facility, Type, & Status

How to Schedule an Appointment for an Existing Patient


CMD2GO allows you to easily add appointments for Existing Patients with a simple search.  CMD2GO syncs with your practice information allowing you to search by the patients first or last name (or just the beginning of the name), birth date, account or member ID number, phone number, driver's license number, or social security number, or enter a claim ID or TCN number. You can even use multiple search options by separating each option with a space.  This allows you to quickly and efficiently add a new appointment to the practice schedule with little effort.



How to Schedule an Appointment for a New Patient!

CMD2GO allows you to add a new patient while away from your desk. When you are creating a New Patient through the CMD2GO appointment window, just complete the patient's demographics by completing the 7 required fields:

• First & Last Name
• Date of Birth
• Gender
• Address line 1 (at least 2 characters)
• City (at least 2 characters)
• Zip Code



Manage Patient Demographics!

Create new patients and quickly access patient demographics

  • Securely create new patients
  • Access existing patients
  • View Patient Notes, Alerts, and Insurance(s)

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