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Exciting New Features!

Snap & Share! Real-time Claim Submission! Enhanced Patient Insurance Management!

Intelligent Revenue Cycle Management Features

New Enhancements

Payment Portal with Notifications

CollaborateMD understands every successful business is dependent on strong communications. With this new Version 9.6 we have created several new communication tools for your CollaborateMD account, as well as new custom communications for your patients. Customize email and text messages to be sent to Customers using the Patient Portal regarding New Balance Notifications, Payment Plan Installment due dates, and Payment Confirmations.

Patient Payment Plans

Patient Payment Plans

Create Payment Plans for your patients, schedule Payment Plan Installments, apply Payments, preview Payment Plan Statements, and more! Plus, with our Payment Portal Notifications feature you can send your patients custom text and email reminders related to their Payment Plan Installments.

Report Financials & DashboardsNew Interactive Dashboard Analytics

Healthcare dashboards are critical for users who need quick and insightful answers to their questions in an easy-to-understand visual format.  Our new Interactive Dashboard Enhancements deliver real-time visibility into the financial performance & health of account that will speed up productivity and day-to-day tasks lists. 

Real-Time Claim Submission

Real Time Claim Individual

Real-Time Claim Submission gives you on-demand visibility into your claim. Now, you can rest assured your accepted claims are on their way to the Payer, and rejected claims can be quickly corrected, within seconds of submission. No longer do you have to wait until the next morning to see which claims were accepted or rejected!

Report Snap & Share

Report Snap & Share

Report Snap & Share allows you to take a snapshot and save a report directly in CollaborateMD, as well as share reports with users across your account. Now, you can easily view the same results with offices and staff. Report Snap & Share helps avoid exporting reports, emailing unsecure data, and eliminates screen share sessions. Now, you have real-time saved report results and shared user(s) will instantly gain access to the same report, with the same filters, and with the same results.

Enhanced Patient Insurance Management

Real Time Claim Individual

Managing multiple insured parties and insurances has been a challenge when billing tertiary payers, or managing multiple insured parties under one single patient. See how CollaborateMD puts these challenges in the past and gives you unlimited access to add, edit and archive multiple insurances and insured, all from one single patient account!  Call today! 


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Our clients rave about the reporting capabilities in CollaborateMD! The customized report options are unparalleled to any other practice management system that we've seen! Also, the ability to track multiple authorizations in version 9.4 has been a life saver! Thank you CMD!!!.
Jennifer D. - Meticulous Medical Billing LLC

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