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Medical Billing Solutions


Who we are: CollaborateMD was founded in 1999 by
Douglas Kegler, CEO, to help medical practices and medical billing services thrive in the jungle of ever-changing government and insurance payer regulations without having to spend a fortune on software, support, and hardware.

Our mission is a simple one: Provide a simple, easy-to-use software solution that allows our users to concentrate on their business, at an affordable price.


We help offices get paid faster with automated services that streamline billing and coding processes. This results in a shorter revenue cycle that maximizes collections, reduces denied claims, and ultimately increases cash flow.Watch this medical billing client’s testimonial on how partnering with us has changed her business’s organization, and workflow.

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Given the complexities around submitting claims and the labor associated with managing denials and re-working claims, it is absolutely vital that medical billing services and practices invest in a vendor solution that is able to identify root causes, manage resolutions, and reduce write-offs.

100% Real-Time Claim Submission

With 100% Real-time Claim Submission and thousands of built in edits, we scrub your claims for accuracy and deliver results that help identify costly mistakes.


  • The avg cost per claim to re-submit denials- $25

  • 65% of claim denials are never re-worked resulting in an estimated 3% loss of net revenue

  • The % reported in the fiscal year of 2017 for Medicare FFS program for improper payment rate- 9.51%

  • The % of claims denials that are preventable- 90%

  • The amount spent on the claims appeal process per year on re-working claims- $15,000

    *According to MGMA, AAFP, CMS, The Advisory Board,& AMA

Patient Eligibility

The #1 reason for a rejected claim is Eligibility. Be proactive, not reactive with CollaborateMD’s Real-Time and Batch Patient Eligibility. With this feature, you can know within seconds if patients are eligible,and avoid possible loss of payment.

Our customers are getting proven results:

  • 60% Reduction in A/R Days
  • $5,000 Annual Savings per provider for staff cost related to re-working claims
  • 99-100% of claims accepted the first time

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Reduce A/R Days

Manual claims management creates an administrative burden. CollaborateMD’s innovative software has an exclusive Claim Tracking and Claim-Follow up feature that ensures 100% accountability and a 360-degree view of the lifecycle of your claims. Easily manage, track and work your claims to accelerate cash flow.


Expedite Your Income

It’s important to have an effective process for collecting and managing patient or payer payments. Our Patient A/R feature allows you to control key aspects including Balance Due Patient, Pending Patient, Collections, and Write-Offs. Easily send out our Automated Patient Statements and improve your bottom line. Accelerate payments with our Integrated Payment Portal

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Interactive Dashboard Analytics

Any inefficient workflows can delay the payment cycle and reduce the probability of payment. Get insightful information and visibility into the financial performance & health of your account with our Interactive Dashboard Analytics Reporting. You can easily find ways to speed up productivity and the completion of day-to-day tasks.See how you can set up your own Dashboard below. 

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99% First Pass Acceptance Rate

Have you ever wondered how much time and money you spend on resources to re-submit a claim? The more claims that get rejected, the higher the cost. The industry average F.P.A. rate is between 79-85%. Ours is 99% which means you are getting paid more, and quicker. Learn about what other features set us apart as the leading medical billing software company. 

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Pick a Plan that Best Suits your Business


Partnering with CollaborateMD gives you with freedom to focus on your patients/business. Having a medical billing software that’s easy to learn and effective in identifying errors before claims are submitted is key. There is a tremendous opportunity for any small-to medium medical practice or billing service to manage their claims reimbursement easier, and improve their day-to-day workflow with our automation. 

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