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CollaborateMD Surprises Loyal Customers by Waiving Monthly Fees for Life

CollaborateMD Waives Fees for Select Loyal Customers That Started Using Their Medical Billing Software Back in 2000 and 2001

CollaborateMD, a leading provider of innovative and intelligent cloud-based medical practice management solutions, surprised several loyal customers recently by waiving their monthly fees as long as the original owner continues to use CollaborateMD as their business solution. 

CollaborateMD CEO and Founder Douglas Kegler wanted to reward several loyal customers who started with the company when it was in its infancy.  Based on their loyalty, these seven customers have been inducted into CollaborateMD's Customer Loyalty Program.  These loyal customers started using the CollaborateMD medical billing software solution in 2000 and 2001. 

"These customers have seen the software go from it's infancy in 2000 to its full feature set today," said Douglas Kegler, CEO and Founder.  "It's a testament to the maturity and quality of the CollaborateMD software, services and support over the years for a customer to remain loyal with us this many years."  We are extremely proud to have them inducted into our CollaborateMD's Customer Loyalty Program as valued customers.

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Every Billing Service company is different and you need medical billing software that is flexible, intuitively designed, and easy to use.  But, you don't just need revenue cycle management software you need a partner that is backed with expert trainers, knowledgable and live support, and dedicated management that strives every day to ensure your business is as successful as theirs. You need CollaborateMD. 

  • CollaborateMD for Free and watch helps you get your customers paid faster, manage multiple accounts with ease, set users permissions for individual customer accounts, file claims with minimal rejections, post accurate payments to shrink customer A/R, and more.

With 100% Real-time Claim Submission and built-in edits we scrub your claims for accuracy and deliver results that could result in identifing costly mistakes.

  • The avg cost per claim to resubmit denials* - $25

  • The percent of claims denied nationwide** - 14%

  • The percent reported in the fiscal year of 2015 for Medicare FFS program of improper payment rate*** - 12.1%

According to AMA*, According to HBMA**, According to CMS***


Get Paid Faster

  • Unlimited eClaims
  • Professional & Institutional Billing
  • 100% Real-time Claim Submission
  • Claim Follow-up Module


  • Dashboard Analytics
  • Over 125+ Reports
  • Custom Report Builder
  • RVU & Facility Reporting

Integrated EHRs

  • Avoid Duplicate Data Entry
  • Free Integration Partners
  • Real-time Data Capture
  • Streamlined Workflows

Interactive Dashboard Analytics

Our Interactive Dashboard Analytics deliver real-time visibility into the financial performance & health of your account to speed up productivity and day-to-day workflows.

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Top Clients Gadget

As a billing service owner, it is important to recognize and nurture clients that are contributing most to the growth and stability of your business. The Top Clients gadget provides a ranked overview of revenue received per client, allowing for a quick glance into where the majority of your business’ profit potential lies.

New Client - To-Do List Gadget

Complete administrative control so setting up new clients is a breeze.  With our New Account To-Do List gadget, you will have the ability to add a new client and submit claims in less than 60 minutes.

Claim Accountability

At CollaborateMD we are obsessed with getting your medical claims paid fast. We are constantly enhancing our innovative, cloud based, medical billing software to make sure your claims get to the payer as quick as possible and get paid. 

Our exclusive ClaimTracking ensures 100% accountability and a 360-degree view of the lifecycle of your claims. Customer using our exclusive Claim Tracking tool have seen proven results that drive appropriate reimbursements and compliance. 

A-R Aging.png

Reduce A/R Days

CollaborateMD provides industry leading tools and solutions that enable Revenue Cycle Management companies to improve and enhance the level and results of care provided to Family Practice, Internal Medicine, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, Chiropractic, Dermatology, and over 30 more. CollaborateMD helps you easily manage, track and work your claims to accelerate cash flow.  Our customers are getting proven results, such as:

  • 60% Reduction in A/R Days
  • $5,000.00 Annual Savings, per provider for staff cost related to re-working claims
  • 99-100% of claims accepted the first time at the clearinghouse


We consider each customer a partner and you can trust that we do everything in our power to make sure you are successful.
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CollaborateMD was founded in 1999 by Douglas Kegler, CEO, to help medical practices and medical billing services thrive in the jungle of ever changing government and insurance payer regulations without having to spend a fortune on software, support, and hardware. Our mission was a simple one: provide a software solution where we handle all of the hardware and software components (software, servers, backups, clearinghouse communication, regulations, etc.) and allow our users to concentrate on their business, all at an affordable price.

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