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How To Get Started With This Webinar

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Happy Customers Make Great Referrals!

Do you have colleagues or friends who would love us?

We are proud to say that a large portion of our growth is from customer referrals.  Last year, CollaborateMD gave away thousands of dollars for referrals.  Our Referral Program pays $200.00 for every brand new account.  To help our clients start 2018 right, and to say thank you their continuous referrals, we have increased the referral fee.  It’s a limited time offer so complete the Referral Form on the right, and we will do the rest!   

  • One Qualified* Referral = Earn $300
  • Two Qualified* Referrals = Earn $600
  • Three Qualified* Referrals = Earn $1,000

What are you waiting for?  This offer expires 01/31/2018.  

Contact us at 877-480-6517 and Refer A Friend and Reward Yourself.

*CollaborateMD will pay up to $1000 for three (3), qualified, New Account Referrals that are sent between 01/02/2018 - 01/31/2018.  New Account Referrals must open their new CollaborateMD account on or before 02/28/2018 to qualify for this limited time offer.

Please review Referral Agreement  Terms and Conditions for details on Qualified accounts.  Example, Account must pay first full month's invoice with CollaborateMD, so you will receive your referral fee typically within 45 days of their open date.   A W-9 will need to be completed by the Referee in order to receive the referral bonus and faxed to our Secure Fax Line: 888.755.7746.

Referral Form

How does the Referral Program Work


Step 1

Tell a friend about how CollaborateMD is easy to use, flexible, convenient and affordable. (Don’t forget to tell to mention your name!) 


Step 2

Complete the Referral Form above or contact our Sales & Solutions team at 877-480-6517.
We will contact your Referral within 1 hour.  Make sure they are expecting our call! 

Step 3

Once your Referral opens their new CollaborateMD Account and meets the Referral Agreement Terms and Conditions, your referral fee is on its way!

Repeat Steps 1 -3 to earn more referral bucks!